Using the motor of the Yaolan, ok for newborn?


Hi Moms and Dads,

Our 8 week old boy has been colicky and cranky recently and we bought a Yao Lan to sooth him for his afternoon nap.

While most of my relative say it's ok to use the motor, I'm abit skeptical.

We tried at the lowest setting but I felt it's still quite fast.

Is it recommended to use the motor for a 8 week baby? I'm just afraid that it'll injure him.... Pls share your Yao Lan experience. Thks.


thought can adjust speed? plus make sure not too many springs as he's very light only. I hated the yaolan... bought for a month because MIL nag. after that I sold it off. baby get used to the yaolan speed n cuddle, made me hard to cuddle him at night.