Vacuum cleaner for dust mite

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  1. soapsoap

    soapsoap Member

    Looking for a vacuum cleaner to clean my bed and sofa.
    Find delphin and rainbow too expensive, is there any cheaper option?
  2. furbee

    furbee Member

    hi soapsoap,

    healthyhomes which promoted Rainbow to me yesterday was really costly.
    are u a housewife? coz was wondering if its worth to buy a vacuum cleaner which I will use 2 weeks coz i'm working fulltime. Why dont consider paying a bit for cleaning services? which can provide u a package and all..
  3. soapsoap

    soapsoap Member

    I will be SHM soon and now my baby is 11 month old and I was 17 week pregnant so we cannot afford so much $$, we are thinking to get something tat can clean our bed during weekend
  4. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    I'm using raycop. You can get it at Best Denki. You can go there to check it out.
  5. soapsoap

    soapsoap Member

    Is raycop good? Saw a similar china made but price cheaper by half
  6. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    I've been using it for my son for quite a while. I think it works ok. It sucks the dirt/dust mites up fine.

    I believe in paying for quality so I personally wouldn't go for a china-made at half the price. But that's just my personal preference.
  7. soo

    soo New Member

    Hi Friend,
    I just bought the Delphin vacuum(gold series) 30 July 11 at SGD3500, wish to sell it at SGD3200, if you are keen to buy it, please kindly contact me at
    The Delphin vacuum is in good condition and 10 years warranty. Pity Owner
  8. soo

    soo New Member

    Hi Friend,
    New Delphin vacuum(gold series) 30 July 11 at SGD3500, wish to sell it at SGD3200, if you are keen to buy it, please kindly contact me at
    The Delphin vacuum is in good condition and 10 years warranty. Pity Owner
  9. Raycop SG

    Raycop SG New Member

  10. soo

    soo New Member

    Hello Friend,

    New Delphin vacuum(gold series) bought on 30 July 11 at SGD3500, wish to sell it at SGD3200, if you are keen to buy it, please kindly contact me at
    The Delphin vacuum is in good condition and 10 years warranty. Pity Owner
  11. genatoh

    genatoh New Member


    I am selling away my Delphine Air and Room Cleaning System (Gold Series).
    10 years warranty.

    I Bought it 7months ago at S$3424.00, still in tip-top condition.

    Reason for selling:

    My maid is very lazy to use the vacuum! Explained to her the benefit for using the Vacuum but she just says ok. No matter how i ask to use but she just refused to use. The worst thing is, she didn't use but told me she used!

    How i know?

    I checked on my home camera every day. Fed up with her and would like to let go the vacuum, rather than seeing my S$3424.00 sitting there.

    How to use Delphin

    1. Vacuum the floor twice a week (daily will be perfect!)
    2. Vacuum the mattress to remove dustmite (twice a week)
    3. Clean the curtain
    4. Clean the wall and ceiling
    5. Use as a air purifier - add a few drops of essential oil is needed (i personally love this function as my kid has asthma)
    6. Easy to use (it comes with demo CD)

    I would like to let go at S$2700.00 (neg), please contact me at 9220 0137 if you're keen.

    Gena Toh
  12. ValVan

    ValVan New Member


    Just bought a Delphin Silver series on Saturday. I find that it is great because it really suck all the dust from the bed but my hubby is not happy about my purchase because he said is too expensive. I bought it at S$2.9K on 17 Sept 2011, used once and willing to let go for less. The Delphin vacuum is in good condition and comes with a 10 years warranty.
    Interest buyer pls email me at for more information.
  13. Nimmy Soh

    Nimmy Soh New Member

    Hi, I have purchased one previously from you at $388, But i need 1 more for my cousin. Is the $318 promo still available as posted in the other thread, Please reserve one for me thanks. I had placed the order online already. Please apply the $318 discount, Thanks.
  14. Nimmy Soh

    Nimmy Soh New Member

    Hi mummys, ATOCARE is having a show at BABYCARE FESTIVAL 2012.

    Expo Hall 3A. Booth F11B.

    Date: 24 Feb 2012 (Fri) to 26 Feb 2012 (Sun).

    I received this email, just let you guys know if you are interested.
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  15. destiny

    destiny New Member

    Hi Mummys,

    Just to share my thoughts after seeing the Delphin demo.

    Recently I had a demo at my home on the Delphin Vacuum cleaner. It is very powerful and useful, however, seeing the cost, I'm not sure whether it is worth or not.

    The main selling points are
    1) Cleaning of dirt because normal vacuum cleaner cannot retain them in the vacuum bags, small dust still all over the place
    2) You can use the air purifier capability to make your house smell with dettol like a hospital
    3) Clean dust mites with specialized vacuum head

    Personally, for point 1 and 3, it can be done with other specialised commercial vacuum cleaner. What they need is a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter that comes with the dust mite vacuum head. I am personally looking at the Dyson DC26 model ($700+).

    As for air purifier, I seriously don't think you want to put such a big, ugly air purifier in your room. You can get 1 nicer one for less than $30.

    Just to share with all mummys on my thoughts for keeping house clean. Don't need to spend unnecessary money. We can spend the money on more useful stuff.
  16. Nimmy Soh

    Nimmy Soh New Member

    You are absolutely correct @ destiny.

    That's why the Atocare Uv hend held vacuum is only $388.

    It's really good and I strongly recommend others to get it.

    Just google - spa treasures

    It has helped me and I have even recommended my family and friends who also bought it. Saves me $ hundreds in medical bills for my kids in the long run. Cos they previously had morning sinus and dust mite allergies. To just have them allergy tested cost more that the vacuum itself.
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  17. Dust Mites are a big Problem in SG.
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  18. puroland

    puroland New Member

    I have a delphin silver series with several heads set. The machine comes with lifetime warranty. I normally used it to vacuum the bed. Initially I got their cleaning package then I decided to get the machine as I have too many stuff to clean. I am looking at selling it away as my girl has outgrown her allergy. I am looking at selling it away. Any interested party?
  19. reon

    reon New Member

    Do not buy a dolphin vacuum cleaner. the salesperson is very persuasive but the after sales service is really very horrible.
    All the stuff that is promised is not being fulfilled and after complaining to the main office, they took a long time to get back and thereafter disappeared after promising to give whatever the salesperson offered.
    Months after being promised stuff not delivered by the main office, despite calling a few times and them promising to get the right guy to call back, I am still waiting for a call...
    DO NOT BUY A DELPHIN VACUUM CLEANER. Such a service for such an expensive machine is definitely NOT WORTH IT!!!
    If you need more evidence of bad service, can refer to this site that I found online. I'm not sure of the validity of the content because I'm not involved but at least I believe them because of my personal encounter.
    Bad Service « Jazz's Blog

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