Vacuum cleaner for dust mite

[SIZE=+1]Hi just to share with you all.

[SIZE=+1]Atocare Special Discount @ is limited to 30 pcs only. This is the last promo for this year. [/SIZE][SIZE=+1]

For more details on product info -
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Hi Mummies,

I have a brand new rainbow for sale. very very good condition and with all accessories + accessories box and even the bag.

I cant bear to let it go but me n my hubby will be migrating, so we seriously need a good owner to take over the ownership.

We are willing to let it go at $2700 (bought it at $3745). Price is still negotiable.

Please do contact us @ 91258652. Please help as we are migrating in 2 months time.



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Looking for a vacuum cleaner to clean my bed and sofa.
Find delphin and rainbow too expensive, is there any cheaper option?
buy second hand rainbow system near S$1288..
or get cleaning service 3bed and 1set sofa around S$135.00 per visit including transport charge..
Atocare uses UV light which is the latest technology and only cost just $388.
(Made in Korea)

Quality + Price = Good Product
Hi Scang,

Are you authorized to sell Atocare in Singapore?
Does your Atocare model have the Safety Mark as required by Singapore Spring Singapore Rules?
Yes, you can directly import from Korea, please go to ebay and search for it.
This can be done with all brands in Singapore (ebay makes the world small)

But please note that you have no warranty and service support if anything is spoilt.

Buy from a reputable company.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica][FONT=Arial, Helvetica][SIZE=+1]ATOCARE Van on Singapore Roads!
Authorised Atocare Local Distributors for a PEACE OF MIND!!! (In Operation since 2006)

- 1 Year Local Warranty for Atocare
- Free Door Step Delivery (By Distributor or TAQBIN)
- (Premium Service) For repairs or replacement parts, Door Step Collection / Repair / Door Step Return
- Admin Office @ Maxwell Building, Stocks @ Warehouse
You have asked a good question on the newer models.

Now, here is the reason why we decided that the*EP505*is the best Value for Money for our customers compared to the*EP880.

1) Whats the difference between EP880 & EP505?

The only difference is the design on the external look. (More appealing)Supposed to be abit more quieter. (But after our own testing, there is not much difference)

*This is more expensive than EP505, hence if we brought this in, our selling price to our customers will be higher.(We thought, why do our customers need such a aesthetically looking vacuum, as they are not gonna display it on their showcases, most likely to be in storeroom)

(Also the customers only need to use this once a week, and the EP505 is equally good looking in our eyes)(Customers are more interested in the product usage than appeal, especially if they have to pay more to get a good looking one)**

2) What is the same?
The product shell is the same,
The HEPA is the same,
The UV light is the same,
The motor is the same,
(In fact, all internal parts are the same, they are inter-exchangeable)
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Btw Scang,

Just to update u, there were customers who bought the newer models that tried to get their units repaired. But since the cost of shipping to Korea and back is very ex, about $150 total.

They also tried to get the local distributor to repair. But the distributor only repairs units sold by them and carrying the Safety Mark.
How can that be if the internals are the same Scang.

I think u are illegally selling the newer models in Singapore without the Safety Mark.
Am I correct?
I was just asking. "Am I Correct?"

But if you like to send the letter, please do.

I have previous records of you selling Atocare, and using materials without permission from the manufacturer or Spa Treasures intellectual property of their pictures..
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica][FONT=Arial, Helvetica][SIZE=+1]Amount of Dust & Dust Mites collected from 1 vacuum session.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica][FONT=Arial, Helvetica][SIZE=+2]ATOCARE PRODUCT DETAILS

[SIZE=+1]ATOCARE has various improvements over other vacuum cleaners.

1) Uses a 3 layer filtering system.

2) Semi-Permanent HEPA Filter can last very very long ~ 1 yr (unlike older models of disposable HEPA filters)

3) Uses a powerful cyclone technology that is seen in only big vacuum cleaner.

4) UV hand held vacuum has powerful 650W total motor power (40 Litres per second suction power).

5) Rolling Brush System, rolls and beats bedclothes to prevent their cloth from being sucked. It also takes out dust, ticks and harmful bacteria where are in deeply hide among fibers.

6) Sub vacuum hose is the special function for vacuuming the narrow space like couch gap and window frame..etc

7) Philips UV-C Lamp 253.7 nm UV wavelengths exterminate ticks and harmful bacteria, viruses, germs, dust mites and eggs.