Veggies and Fruits for Kids


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I was amazed to see my friend's daughter(7) and son(3) eating all these veggies that kids their age don't even appreciate yet like Pechay, Okra. And they ate these veggies as if they are eating a yummy fried chicken. I asked my friend why. Thought I would get a unique answer, she simply replied that she did not introduce fried chickens and pasta and other of those foods, instead, a normal and regular meal consists of those veggies that usually adults are eating :eek:


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Hello Guys,

Eating fruits and vegetables is usually more fun for kids when they can be involved in the process. If the kids know what they are eating and that they have some control in the matter, it will help to decrease some of the stress around food, especially for picky eaters. Many kids are picky eaters when it comes to fruit and vegetables. However, there are numerous things you can do to make these foods more appealing to children. Encourage them to eat fruits and vegetables by setting a good example and eating these foods yourself. Also, most kids are more inclined to eat foods that they have helped to prepare. Allow them to grate carrots, wash salad greens, spin the salad spinner and take on other tasks.

Children should eat fruits every day. They should form part of school lunches and they should be given as healthy snacks at home. However, many children will reject a whole fruit, especially if it has not been peeled or at least cut into pieces. Small children, in particular, have trouble managing a whole fruit. Presentation is also important when feeding children fruit.

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I agree! Kids are attracted to cute and presentable items. Spend more time to cut the fruits into cute shapes and all. It will be worthwhile for all the time spent when you see them finally eating veggy and fruits!


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