Very Good Piano Teacher in Sembawang/ Yishun/ Woodlands

Discussion in 'Music, Singing and Dancing' started by jannalin, Oct 20, 2012.

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    Had edited this recommendation post and Not recommending this teacher anymore after went through one round of exam. It started well but ended badly as it's too exam focus which will make my kids lose interest in music
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    Hi Jannalin,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with the piano teacher. Since the post was posted almost 4 years back, please ignore my inquiry if it is no longer valid.
    I'm looking for a good piano teacher in Sembawang area to teach my 5.5 yrs old girl. Is the piano teacher that you mentioned in this post still teaching your kids? Can I contact her (Agnes) with the same mobile number? Thanks in advance.
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    I would not recommend this teacher anymore after trying for a year plus and one round of exam. It all started well and I thought she was good until nearing grade 6 exam, my girl was very stressed by her even though ample time was given which it also happened to other students. Learning music should not be this way. I stopped immediately after the exam was over and engaged an ex-Yamaha Electone masterclass whom we knew who teaches piano and electone. My girl is going for Grade 7 in Sep and she's well prepared, learnt with zero stress and enjoying music. My boy is heading grade 4 in July and both progress very well under the current teacher. But his schedule is full.
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    Hi, I need a piano teacher near sembawang..can you msg me her number? 94369313

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