Video Editing


I must say, I like blender for it’s simplicity. The user interface (UI) isn’t that impressive, but it does the job.
I now have learned fading in out in Blender. Not that difficult, but simple UI.


I usually worked in Blender to create 3D models, not animations. But I really like the results, and I think taking a couple of courses to learn how to edit videos is worth taking. I like editing videos with Fastreel because it's free, and I can quickly post them on YouTube. I can easily edit videos for hours on end. You can learn more about this video editor by going to I sometimes have the idea of becoming a blogger, but I'm not ready for it because I'm timid. Maybe soon, I will overcome my fear and do what I like.


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I recently started a career as a YouTube blogger and so video editing is a very hot topic for me right now. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my editing and what apps to use, I'd love to hear your advice.