Vitagen cause diarrhea?

Discussion in 'General Pregnancy Discussion' started by STmummy, May 1, 2011.

  1. STmummy

    STmummy Member

    Hi Mummies, anyone gave vitagen/yakult to your toddler and your toddler end up having loose stools or diarrhea or vomit?

    My son has all the above symptoms after being given vitagen last friday. Not sure if it is related.
  2. yvonne_ktw

    yvonne_ktw Member

    my understanding vitagen/yakult is for digestion. maybe yr kid drank too much? i only give my boy 1/4 lesser and bring out from fridge first so not that cold. So far nothing wrong with his system BUT recently stop already cause he got cough very badly and PD advise vitagen/yakult will create more phlegm..
  3. Mummy to Baby V

    Mummy to Baby V Well-Known Member

    Vitagen / Yakult contains dairy. If body is infected with gastroenteritis virus (gastric flu that can lead to diarrhoea / vomiting), taking the drinks will make it worse. It happened to me once: I thought I was having indigestion (actually was gastric flu), drank Vitagen for a few days, then had severe vomiting / diarrhoea, had to admit to hospital.

    Now, I no longer take the drinks because many of them contain sugar and artificial colouring / flavoring. I DO NOT feed them to my 2-year old too.
    Instead, I give him homemade organic yoghurt regularly to introduce more good bacteria for his digestive system. No added sugar, so no phlegm problem too.
  4. STmummy

    STmummy Member

    Thanks Mummies. I think quite confirm is the vitagen. The bacteria is so powerful, he just had a round of diarrhea in his sleep, after stopping for 2 days. Sigh... Thought he had fully recovered. Never going to allow vitagen or yakult anymore!
  5. banner82

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    I first had vitagen when I was a teenager. Like your son I had a bad case of diarrhea and vomit. Since then I never take vitagen and dislike all artificial peach flavor taste. I took peach flavor that time. However, I do not have similar experience with yakult. I guess yakult is more tolerate than vitamin.

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