Wad shape of namecard do you most prefer??

Wad shape of namecard do u like most?

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Helloz and i need some feedbacks on what size of namecards do all of u most prefer

1) Squarish + sharp edge?

2) Rectangular shape + sharp edge

3) Rounded corners square

4) Rounded corners rectangular

Any particular one you think its nice/easy/presentable and will remember wonx dump inside rubbish bin easily :001_302::001_302::001_302: (irregardless of the design of the card)

I was dddinking of changing my namecard to Rounded edges and squarish not sure if will be a better choice

Thanks everybodi~~~:001_302::001_302::001_302:

Attached here the 4 types for illustration



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my special baobei!

i prefer rectangle rounded corner deee.. cos lik tt ppl wont 'spoilt' the namecard easily:001_302:


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Recently i met up with some friends and collected some cards. The one that impresses me most is a plastic name card. Similar to those 'membership cards' or VIP discount cards. Embossed with gold. My friend herself is into designing cards (birthday cards, corporate greeting cards, etc), so her namecard super impressive. I think i'll be getting her to design one for me.