wad Skin care r u using ?


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I am using a product called luminesce, it's a revolution skin care product that contains an exclusive APT-200™ helping you maintain younger, smoother and softer-looking skin.

I can explain more about the product if you want just drop me a message


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Recent discovered EGF micro needle products. Have been trying for a week and already starting to see results.

Also find the Swanicoco peelng herb scrub to be really good.


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I am using a range of products from Geoskincare, from New Zealand. Its brand is well spread across Malaysia now. I myself have been using for a few weeks and have seen great results on my pores and acnes.

I am a distributor for this brand in singapore as well! If youre interested, check my instagram/carousell @seashell.Beauty.
Stay pretty everyone!



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I have been using this Korean brand, La Soie for about 6 years. I have extremely sensitive skin and after trying so many different brands, this works the best for me. Its a all-natural silk based skincare. I think they recently launched in Singapore. Check them out, quite interesting. Website is lasoie.sg


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me using Ottie... from Korea... very gd wor
It's 2021, and that comment is still relevant. I use their eye cream and lotion, as well as their face toner. Korean cosmetics are great, the only downside is that in our local stores it is very expensive. Ottie is a good one.


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I will like to share that I have been using Mary Kay skincare products for 2 years after switching from Laneige. I am currently a user cum authorised beauty consultant with Mary Kay.

if any of you want to know more about it, can drop me an email real.beauteous@gmail.com


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Hey fellow Singaporeans, I came across this new telegram community @sgskincarehelp dedicated for skincare advice for those living in hot and humid Singapore. Its quite new but any interested can join, ask questions or share advice! I personally haven't found anything similar for Singapore on telegram, thought it might be helpful for some of us


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Is there some local brands?
Yup, i'm using a skincare that's SG brand...

Just to share, my skin was at its worst during my pregnancy probably due to the hormones. My skin became sensitive and pigmentation increased horribly. I was recommended a set of skincare and am truly amazed at how much my pigmentation cleared without any invasive treatment.. So now i swear by this skincare, wanna share it with fellow mummies who experience similar skin issues too.. it could also treat enlarged pores, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin and etc.. Basically its suitable for all skin types...


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It's not worth it. Believe me, just make sure your body gets enough physical activity and micronutrients. I've been trying a lot of cosmetic goods, from budget category to premium items.


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I wash my face with natural vegan turmeric soap. I drink water a minimum of 6 glasses. I try to avoid sunshine as much as possible. I use skincare products for skin glow. I bought skin products from the Likeitontop.com website. the quality of all products is outstanding.

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My skin love collagen, niacinamide, retinol and vitamin c so i'm using skincare product with this ingridients. Oh and don't forget about sunscrin :D