Wanted : Freelancers For Home Based Job


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freelance job home based

Hi, could you pm me the details?
Hi, this is a freelance job and you will get $1000 commission when you recommend a friend to do an advertisement with us. Its a special lobang for insiders, so if you wanna earn extra money very simple just recommend your friends company about this lobang and if they are interested can look for me, i will explain clearly on every details.

Let me introduces myself. Im lyn and im in a media group company dealing with TV advertisement and TV shows linking with mediacorp. My company does advertisement for other new companies or even companies in the market for years. We have ways to do advertisement without forking out money.

On top of that, we give contract funds and setup computerize systems for companies that have done advertisement with us.

So, overall its a win win situation meaning:
1) your company does not need to pay any cents to do advertisement,

2) your company that have done advertisement with us can choose any 10 locations island-wide to put up their advertisement,

3) your company advertisement that have done with us will be put up on the selected 10 locations for at least 1 year.

Or if you are confuse and wanna know more can call me, meet me talk about it or email me.



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Hi! I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children and had been looking for home based jobs until I stumbled upon a home based jobs that enables me to earn and have time for my kids..
Anyone interested to know more can leave your email address and I'll give you the details.. =)

im interested. pm me to chiels25@gmail.com


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scang:790939 said:
have replied to all those interested.

yeewei and oscj007, can you give me your email to send the details to you as I've problems with the pm. Cheers!
Please send details too