Wat u put on for make up??

Barbara Jean

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I usually put in light make-up on the day and night. After cleansing my face, i always these in order : Toner, Skin vitamin C Serum, moisturiser, MAC loose powder foundation, bronzer, fix make up spray and last.... lip balm. Pretty effort. :)

Barbara Jean

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Nice to hear the makeups routine you all use...

But which part of your face takes so long to do or shall i say masterpiece ? — whereas in my case is emphasizing a good nose job and eyes. :)


Initially it's quite an investment coz need to buy everything. Even brush need to buy. Now easier coz separates are reasonably cheap. Sorry I can't tell u if ex or not coz I can't remember liao.

Hope this helps. Cheers.
do u guys use make up brushes like this?
Like all look so glittery nice, but is it good and soft on the skin and applies the foundation perfectly on face?

i haven't put make up since giving birth to my son 2 years ago.... lol my old makeup brush and foundation can throw already, all so old and looks ageing.
plus being a mother now, must put on more subtle make up and not those brighter type lol

time to go shopping now that son is 2.5 years old!