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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by littlehamster, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. littlehamster

    littlehamster Active Member

    Just sharing and hope to see what else ppl are/was doing ;)

    Me: 27
    Him: 31
    trying to concieve-ing since: Aug 2012, 30days cycle
    MC :( : Once (chem preg)
    Have tried: cm method, opk, charting bbt, turtle soup (for him), oysters, alternate days and marathon (everyday) BD, pineapple core, tilt butt with pillow, orgasm, weekend hotel stay
    Trying now: pre-natals vitamins (me) and multi vit for him, zhen soup, ownself make chicken esscence with DOM, eat/cook oysters during dinner every once 2-3days, switch to wholemeal bread for breakfast, cranberry juice, promagranate juice, red raspberry leaf tea, omega-3 (tuna/salmon/eggs), cooking vege whenever possible (e.g. broccoli for healthier inputs) cos he doesnt like vege that much hahs
    Going to try: Pre-seed
    Next open window: this weekend!

    Others: hubby very stress due to work.. he even grinds his teeth in his sleep.. try to -stress him hope for the best

    thinking shld i buy turtle soup again this weekend or not hmmm :x

    felt so kiasu after writing this post :shyxxx:
  2. Dragontail

    Dragontail Active Member

    This is interesting. I'm all in. Thanks for starting.

    Me: 40
    Him: 31 (yup we are a good 9 years apart)
    Married for : 2 years in Jan2013 ---> this one I add one can?
    T-T-Cing since: Nov 2012, averagely 30-32 days cycle
    MC :( : Once (lost heartbeat @ 13 weeks; D&C in Aug2012)
    Have tried: CM method, OPK, charting BBT, T-C-M powder drinks. Lift pelvis.
    Trying now: Same. Not changing anything but I might omit OPK from next cycle! No cold beverage/food.
    Going to try: Relax more.
    Next open window: 3rd & 4th week of Dec2012.
    Others: Sinseh says my hubby has healthy fertililty (especially he's much younger than me). Last pulse reading she also shares that I now have good Qi-mai so she's quite confident I can conceive soon. However, the challenge is carrying the baby to full term, since I've had MC history (I didnt go back to her when I knew I was pregnant back then). She will help me to make the baby sticky with her medicine if I do conceive.
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  3. faithmummy

    faithmummy Member

    this is fun....

    Me: 31
    Him: 35
    trying to concieve-ing since: April 2012
    MC :( : Once (in June 2012)
    Have tried: HP Apps ....
    Trying now: Folic acid for Him and Me, 8zhen soup, traditional chinese medicine , DOM, been eating wholemeal bread for breakfast for 2 years, walnuts, Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, Anlene Milk, Oats, omega-3 fish oil, Ensure Milk
    Going to try: NIL
    Tried Preseeds before... hehe
    Next open window: what is open window?

    Others: Hubby keep eating junk food and it is very tiring to monitor him...
  4. Dragontail

    Dragontail Active Member

    t-t-cing buddy, open window means your next fertile period for doing homework!
  5. faithmummy

    faithmummy Member

    Thanks buddy..
    then i not so sure, got to wait for next mth to track with hp apps le
  6. littlehamster

    littlehamster Active Member

    i realise i may O early.. opk showed positive.. i only did one test yesterday evening so noidea when start.. and cm is lesser than usual.. started our exercise yesterday hehe

    faithmummy: yours irregular? my hubby aso likes junk food.. i bought alot nuts, luckily he is good with nuts too :x

    thanks for sharing! hope to see what else are everyone is doing to ttc :)
  7. faithmummy

    faithmummy Member

    Nowadays my cm get lesser too dunno y...
    wah good luck to u hehe !!!! Hope to hear good news from u too..
    nuts and seeds got zinc n seleium which is good for fertility..
    littlehamster, i realise u eat alot of oysters... oysters is rich in zinc but is it good for women? I heard it is rather liang....
    And try to stay away from cold food.to keep your womb warm...
  8. Dragontail

    Dragontail Active Member

    faithmummy, I also am curious... you're not regular in your cycles?

    littlehamster, sounds like you're in time! Keep it going.

    Actually myself and hubby we dont really eat specific food for t-t-c purpose. My sinseh told me just eat healthy and eat more fruits (because her powder potion is quite "heaty". Therefore she also discourages me to drink longan tea or heaty herbal soups). Only when I do conceive, then she will adjust the medicinal properties of her powder and advice my diet separately. Generally, I'm pretty health conscious and I dont really touch junk food much. But my other half is a junk food machine -_-. We are both quite opposite when it comes to diet.

    Since 3 of us (so far here) have MC-ed before, I have a question to ask. I chanced upon this when googling. I am just 1-2 days from my AF. I googled for possible early preg symptoms and some ladies did share that they found out they had colostrum and that was a sign for them. So I went to the toilet and attempted to squeeze (sorry TMI) and holy moly I have that too. For about a week or two after my D&C, I was leaking colostrum. That was emotionally hard to handle back then.... Anyway, now that it has been more than 3 months, I'm surprised I still have it (though I have to squeeze to extract some; not leaking on its own back then). So I want to know do you still experience it now months have past?

    By the way, as we know about internet, there are always many versions/explanations to something. Even for some girls who are not sexually active, they may also produce colostrum.
  9. littlehamster

    littlehamster Active Member

    Oysters (From the What to expect iphone app): it says zinc deficiency can disrupt the menstrual cycle and slow the production of good quality eggs. Other sources in small amounts includes lean beef, poultry, dairy, nuts, eggs, whole grains, and legumes.

    Normally i only cook ard 6-8 oysters (so half for him half for me) not much ba.. cook in omelette, sometimes baked in mayo, sometimes just boil it, if buy the breaded oysters then just oven bake it..

    think the only thing i drink cold is those fruit juices during lunch.. ard 3 times per week, sometimes busy till the jucie sit there v long and not cold liao

    my MC is chem one but i had 1 week of bizarre drinking water and toilet visiting and extreme fatique, other than that no colostrum.. after that heavy flow then no more symptoms.. so not sure cant help u with this
  10. Glitterystar

    Glitterystar Member

    Good luck girls!
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  11. RinaBasit

    RinaBasit New Member

    Hi ladies.
    Have you tried taking Evening Primerose Oil? I took it on my first cycle and got pregnant. Bought Stress Tab from Guardian for my hubby too cos he is always stress due to work. We've been TTC for 6 mths and now i'm 38 weeks preg.
  12. Glitterystar

    Glitterystar Member

    hi RinaBasit, What is Stress Tab? Is it a medication? How does it work and how much? I go check it out this weekend.
  13. melody yu

    melody yu Member

    I've heard that evening primrose oil helps,but not suitable for everyone. Coz it's rather "heaty". N my Chinese sinseh said before,me more of "heaty" type..that's y I dun dare to take =|
  14. Dragontail

    Dragontail Active Member

    I've just tested BFP. OMG I cant breath. I go think about it first.....
  15. faithmummy

    faithmummy Member

    Omg!!!!! Dragontail, i am so happy for you, really really v happy for u!!!!
    Please see your sinseh immediately to an tai , dun delay pleassssee!!!!!
    Please take good care, don't take cold food!!!!!
  16. littlehamster

    littlehamster Active Member

    congrats!!!! take care of urself in these few critical months! but dont too kiasu ah.. relax relax~
  17. Dragontail

    Dragontail Active Member

    Thanks ladies. I broke down when I saw that the result came out +ve. I went to Watson to buy another kit to test just to make sure. It's definitely a BFP.

    I broke down because I was overjoyed, yet at the same time many worries swim in my head. I guess you ladies whom have gone through MC would probably know what I mean.

    Today marks my 11 DPO. AF is supposedly to come by this weekend. I fear that I tested too early. I'm having some spotting now. It's like brownish EWCM, though not much. 2 things possibly : implantation bleeding or something I shouldnt have known.

    There have been tell tale signs ever since after I O-ed. The biggest giveaway is the nausea symptom. It was similar, though more mild, to during my first trimester back then. I've never had nausea feeling on normal cycles before.

    Yesterday and today, the cramps and nausea just gone away into thin air. I'm not sure what to think about this.

    I guess tomorrow onwards I will keep close look on my BBT and the spotting. They should be able to give me more answers.

    I thank you all for feeling happy for me. I really am too, despite all possibilities at this stage. I hope for the best and take things as they come.

    faithmummy, my sinseh is very kiasu one.... once she suspects i MIGHT get pregnant, she will dispense me the an-tai powder. Since my O-ed day on 19Nov, I have been drinking an-tai potion, just in case :) She said she rather not take chances.

    littlehamster, yes I will be careful and have enough rest.

    Have made appt with Dr John Tee @ KKH but his available slot is 10 Dec. Is that too long a wait?
  18. faithmummy

    faithmummy Member

    Buddy, no i think it is not late... many mummies only see gynae on 5th week i think... but i totally understand your worries, its like better to see gynae as soon as we can, depending on time slot available... meanwhile, keep thinking about happy things, be positive, and still enjoy yourself without taking unhealthy food, cold food most importantly... kick tea and coffee immediately ... stay on with your folic acid ... and please please please sleep early... dun get yourself stress up at work....
  19. faithmummy

    faithmummy Member

    i am eating walnuts from fu hua medical hall... 100 grams around $2.70

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