We are TTC-ing!


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Hi Dazzlesim, , it seems recent that you have been trying ? Married for how long? Some women like myself tried for many years, but to no news, so b patient and give some time for body to improve cycle days. your hub how old and you? was emo last wk too, as my father in law just diagnosed with cancer and I can't bring myself to tel him we still trying but no good news, we have been married for almost 5yrs, you can try traditional chinese medicine for yourself n hubby, have you complete all relevant tests?

Hi eggcatcher83
yah we been trying not too long as compared to alot of frens here... Juz feeling down tho.
I wont mind to try tcm but not sure which to go.
Do u have any to recommend?
Im still waiting for my appt at kkh on 27 jul to check if i have endometriosis which can also affect fertility.
Long long long wait

as for urself pls brace up!muz tk care of urself! I understand how u feeling.
My dad had pancreas cancer and i cant even let him see his grandchildren before he left me
Hopefully we can have good news soon!


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In some cases, IVF is the best option. I know a couple who went straight to IVF. They said they did not bother with injections or SO-IUI, I can't remember the details but the man said something like "we knew we wanted to go for IVF right at the start", they went for it and were successful first time. After giving birth, IVF again, again successful, and their 2nd child is going to be born soon. I think the man told me they are slightly older (he did not elaborate so maybe his sperm has low motility which then only IVF can work). They used the famous Dr Tan Heng Hao of KK.

It depends on many factors. How old are you?

I was diagnosed with cyst on both ovaries and my specialist in KKH and now private specialist in Mt E both did not bring up any surgery to remove the cysts. Where did you do your consultations and surgery? I personally did not go for IVF as my first course of action, and am on pills+injections now with my fertility specialist and he has been most patient, informative and I feel secure in his care. He is so experienced due to his long years of doing this. He is almost 60 and in his bio he pioneered the laproscopy technique in Singapore. I'm 35. My hubby's sperm is tested above average, and I do ovulate a few eggs every month on the fertility drugs prescribed (clomid, letrozole, gonal F injections). Dr Lim (my doc) told me that the pills+jabs cycle I do is a 15% success rate a month, compared to IVF which is 20%. My husband said we should do this regime instead, because then we can do it over 6 menstrual cycles and its more cost effective. 15% x 6 = 90%

As for TCM, my fertility specialist Dr Lim told me to avoid. Also i think TCM takes a long time to work, so if you redirect your resources (time) to it its a waste of precious years. I don't know how old you are. But if you are above 38 I would advise you to go direct to IVF. If you are a Singaporean, it is subsidized in public hospitals, plus you can use Medisave in Public hospital IVF. Among the 3 public hospitals doing IVF, KK has the highest success rate. For citizens if you do IVF in public hospital I heard that after using Medisave you pay less than $1k cash each time.
Hi there, thanks for your reply. I somehow missed this. So since my last post, this was what happened. I have seen a gynae, was on one cycle of medication to make me ovulate - took bloody test, was told the count is low, gotta go for IVF.

Seek second opinion with Dr SF Loh at TFC, was one another cycle of medication, this time is Metfomin and Clomid. Likewise, did not ovulate. At the same time, husband did the sperm analysis and the results were low. Dr SF Loh suggested IVF.

I am scheduled to see the famous TCM Dr Tan Siew Buoy in August. I have another review with Dr SF Loh, mainly is to see my husband's blood test results and his sperm analysis after taking medication.

So now it seems like IVF is the only option and i have several queries

1) I was told by Dr Loh SF that if i were to go to KKH for IVF (where i can enjoy subsidy) i will be rejected because i am overweight. I need to lose weight and be in the normal weight. The problem is, it is difficult to lose weight with PCOS. If i go the IVF with him, i dont get subsidy =X

2) Should i still proceed with my TCM treatment even if i am considering going for IVF?

3) I have an appt with Dr Sadhana (KKH just assigned her to me), is she good? Or should i make appt with Dr Tan HH? I heard he is super busy and even with appointment i have to wait up to 4hours sometimes?

Anyone with PCOS, who is overweight, has successfully done IVF at KKH? I am feeling quite demoralised and lousy :( Husband really want kids and he was so affected when he found out that his sperm analysis report wasnt great as well.


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Hi, how's everyone doing? This thread has gone so quiet.

Anyway, I am still trying to conceive. Did IUI last year but failed. This year did once and failed also. haha

Now tiao-ing my body with TCM and going to try IUI again maybe next month.

Last resort will be IVF... :(


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Ever since i started taking Blackmores conceive well gold a few months ago, i had been clocking a 27-day cycle; previously it ranged from 25 - 30 days with majority between 26 to 28 days. Last month, just before af was due in 2 days' time (based on the 27-day cycle), i went back to the TCM for a check (after 2 months of medication). He said that fertilization had occurred and there was a chance that i would get pregnant that cycle. However, af came but was 3 days late (all hopes dashed!). I went back to the TCM and he said that while fertilization took place, the embryo did not form properly. He said that he is confident that I could and would get pregnant - but why am I still not? Am not sure who to doubt now, myself, DH or TCM?
This is so confusing.


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Hi all. Had a really exremely bad experience with Dr Marianne. Met her in Mount Elizabeth Novena Clinic. She was so insensitive when I wanted to check my baby’s gender. She told me why would I bother checking baby’s gender if in the end I would still keep the baby. Even if Dr Marianne unable to check baby’s gender no gynae should ever treat the patient that way. There is a purpose why we came over to meet her as a gynae and paid for consultation and ultrasound. I would never ever recommend any mummies to go to her clinic.


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Am TTCing and had our first try on Tuesday (previously withdrawal). Was using the clue app to monitor my ovulation period and its this Saturday so I'm not sure if I tried too early. Now im feeling some cramps like im ovulating soon, or ovulated, I dunno. Should I try again tonight or tmr or something? ... not experienced..


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Don’t dismay. I MC twice and TTC for 3 years. Felt so depressed and stressed as hb doesn’t involve in test, since he said I got ‘preggy’ before, there’s no issue on him. Tried all sorts of methods. You name it, I’ve most probably tried it. On TCM for 2 years and started Fertility massage Feb. Now..... I’m preggy. Finger cross this pregnancy can full term.
TCM: Dr Zou (AMK), EYS (Tampines),
Fertility massage : Angelia 94514908


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hey girls just to share my success story. some tips you all can consider:

- Eu yan seng bai fong wan daily consumption during day 8-14 of your cycle.
- Eu Yan Seng original chicken essence every other day
- Blackmores Conceive well Gold daily
- Folic acid from watsons pharmacy daily
- monitor ovulation with ovulation stick and ewcm and bbt
- lie down and raise legs up after doing it for about 10 mins

I didnt do these for long actually, so I'm not sure which action actually helped to conceive, but hope to be able to help others! PM me if you need any other info. Thanks!


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Don’t dismay. I MC twice and TTC for 3 years. Felt so depressed and stressed as hb doesn’t involve in test, since he said I got ‘preggy’ before, there’s no issue on him. Tried all sorts of methods. You name it, I’ve most probably tried it. On TCM for 2 years and started Fertility massage Feb. Now..... I’m preggy. Finger cross this pregnancy can full term.
TCM: Dr Zou (AMK), EYS (Tampines),
Fertility massage : Angelia 94514908
Hi Jer_33

May I know how does fertility massage work? I am thinking of it as been ttc for about 2 yrs. Went to see specialist- was diagnosed as pcos due to irregular ovulation/ immature egg. Was on revosit for more than 1 year and tcm for more than 6 mths.... now on letrozole... tot fertility massage will help but will like to know more. Able to share?