Weighing scale for baby?

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group' started by clearjade, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. clearjade

    clearjade Member

    Hihi, did anyone get a weighing scale to track the growth of their baby? My mother in law commented that my boy looks like he has lost weight because his cheeks are not as round and fat as before. When I carry him while nursing, he feels quite 'solid' and his weight seems ok to me but in order to set her mind at ease I thought to buy a weighing scale so that there is an actual number for her to see.

    Any recommendation on where to get a digital scale? NTUC?
  2. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    u mean specially get those Baby weighing scale? If u're refering to that type, i dont think there is a nd to. just get a normal digital weighing scale (those for adults) and u carry ur baby to weigh tgt, aft tt u weigh urself, den deduct the weight and u'll get ur baby's weight.
  3. clearjade

    clearjade Member

    Ya I thought of getting those that is specially for babies. But I guess he would outgrow it pretty quickly so not really worth the money.

    We have a regular non-digital weighing scale for adults at home, just need to have someone else help me to read the weight 'cos difficult to carry baby and look down at the needle. I think that will have to do for now.
  4. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    those digital one is easier to read the weight. maybe u can consider getting one instead of getting those baby one as those baby weighing scale is not practical and very ex.. Adults digital weighing scale can be used for whole family and cost only $20++. I bought mine at ard $20 from NTUC Xtra.=)
  5. ast0212

    ast0212 Member

    Is there a Child Health clinic you can pop by every couple of weeks to weigh your baby?

    If your baby is looking healthy, peeing and pooing lots, is active and alert, there's no need to worry :)
  6. clearjade

    clearjade Member

    $20+ for a digital scale is a good price, will get my hubby to look out for it 'cos he usually lunches near an NTUC Xtra :)

    I usually depend on the monthly pediatrician visits to find out his weight, I'm not too worried 'cos I can feel him getting heavier when I carry him and his poo and pee output is good.

    The scale is for my mother in law to see 'cos she said his cheeks look like they've sunken in since he was a newborn and she feels he is not as chubby as babies should be.
  7. ast0212

    ast0212 Member

    hahah ok... Sometimes it's hard for older generations to breakaway from the mindset that fat = healthy. I think she'd be shocked to see my 3rd percentile baby, who is so active and skinny but solid too!

    As long as you know your baby is healthy, that's most important...because not all babies are chubby :) Also breastfed babies aren't as chubby as FF babies. BF babes tend to be solid, as you've mentioned :)
  8. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    ya older generation are like that. to them, babies must be chubby then can consider as 'healthy'. My mum is like that too. Once ds fall ill, she will keep nag n nag saying how much weight her precious grandson has lost.. haha!
  9. clearjade

    clearjade Member

    That's true about the mindset of older generation, they are all used to seeing formula fed babies. It also doesn't help that my hubby's cousin gave birth a few days before me and her baby is big and chubby (formula-fed) and my boy looks small-sized compared to him...
  10. mikko010410

    mikko010410 Member

    hee hee.. i always bring my girl to clinic and weigh.. although pai seh but joke joke a bit with the nurse... they are ok one... the doc too...
  11. 4mummy

    4mummy New Member

    Don't worry too much. Once there's more than 1 baby in the family, there's bound to be comparisons.
    Your MIL is worried for her grandson, that's all. However, we may be frustrated n take their repeatedly-voiced out-concerns the wrong way.
    At the end of the day, both mummy & grandmummy love baby a lot. Take care ya... :)
  12. gumbokins

    gumbokins New Member

    Actually I saw an ad in motherhood magazine recently, thus company rent out equipment like the bilibed for phototherapy, hospital grade breast pump and baby weighing scale. Can't remember the name right now, will check tomm and update :)

    Update: http://www.thebabyspecialist.com.sg/

    Quite interesting, the things they have...hee
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  13. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    I usually weigh myself, then carry my son and weigh myself and him together and subtract the weights. Then I will get the weight of my son.

    If you really want a weighing scale for yourself, you have to check that the digital ones do not have a minimum weight. Example, Philips digital weighing scale will only detect weight of a minimum 10kg. Anything below 10kg, it won't show up on the scales.

    I also saw ones at Hwa Xia that they do sell baby weighing scales for $68 or so. But I also read that you have to be their member. I'm not sure how that all works out but if you're interested, you might want to go down to their shop to enquire or drop them an email.
  14. clearjade

    clearjade Member

    Thanks for all the replies :) Ya it's true that grandma and mummy are both concerned but when I'm already worried about his sleep and weight gain, it makes me even more stressed when mother in law keeps asking me how come he's not chubby, how come he's not sleeping, how come this, how come that :err:

    I did rent a bilibed from The Baby Specialist on pediatrician's recommendation when my baby had high jaundice, they are quite fast 'cos we called 11am, they deliver by 1pm. I dont't think my hubby will agree to rent baby weighing scale from them, he keeps telling me to just ignore his mom but he's in office all day while I'm at home with his mom...

    In the end, my father in law redeemed a digital weighing scale with his petrol points so I'm using that now :)
  15. jacklineee

    jacklineee Member

  16. I only go when in clinic when i need to weighing my girl :)

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