weight loss after giving birth

Discussion in 'Slimming, Health and Body' started by fern, May 7, 2010.

  1. fern

    fern Member

    Hi..I gave birth last month and todate, am still carrying most of my pregnancy weight! Lost about 7kg over the month; and still have about/> 10kg to go.

    Sigh..wonder how long and how much you lost. And whether my case is "normal". Thank you
  2. bibiluvr

    bibiluvr Member

    hi dear,
    it's perfectly normal...hmmm.. i put on 20kg during my pregnancy and until the fourth to fifth month after giving birth did i lose ard 18kg..but somehow the flabbiness of the tummy area is still there... sigh...dun worry too much... just maintain a healthy diet ..
  3. foreveris

    foreveris Member

    yup.. you are normal..
    i put on 17kg and lost only 7kg after birth.. confinement period ate good food hence no weight loss.. lost the remaning 10kg by the end of second month.. think main reason was breastfeeding + taking care of bb alone after confinement.. malay massage helped a little with my flabby tummy (looked like 5 months preggie after delivery)..
    HTH :)
  4. hueychye79

    hueychye79 Active Member

    I lost about 6kg after give birth.

    My gain about 15kg when I am pregnant.

    After confinement period, every month my weight loss 1-2kg and until today my weight go back to pre-preggy.

    I think one of the reason is I am breasfeeding mummies (pump).

    As mention by one of the mummies, just take healty food is ok liao..
  5. Ashbaby

    Ashbaby Active Member

    I put on 15 kgm. I lost quite a bit during confinement, I still have abt 2.5 kgm to go. Hopefully before my baby turn 6 months old I can go back to pre preg or even slimmer.
  6. Ange

    Ange Member

    is normal, i put on 12kg during pregnancy and lost about 5kg after confinement period. Was also upset with the figure hence went for acu slimming which help to lost 10KG. Right now feel more health.
  7. pinksnow8

    pinksnow8 New Member

    Its kind of impossible to lose all the weight gained during pregnancy. If u can lose half its not bad already.
  8. lekdao

    lekdao Active Member

    i think its depends on individual and also age plays a part. If you are a young mummy, not a problem to back back pre-preggie size within a short period of time.
  9. SCartoon

    SCartoon Alpha Male

    Yes i do agree that not many mummies can lose all the fats that they gain during pregnancy and regain the shape. I have come acrosss many who have done so thru the TRA programme, which help them to lose the fats.
    U can check them out in the TRA Testimonials (1) on Vimeo
    look out for 0.04mins, 0.36, 1.17, 1.41, 2.28, the mothers that i ahve know personally
  10. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    I gained 15kg during preg & lose them all after 3 months , i didn't weigh till 3 months , afraid to look but surprisingly i am back with ppre-preg weigh but still have fats around my thigh & tummy bump hehe . Whole month wrap with binder because of c-sect wound :)
  11. weightp

    weightp Alpha Male

    its totally normal to put on when you are pregnant.
  12. MeganLim

    MeganLim Member

    Try Kelly from Lady Wellness Massage

    Now on promotion, have bengkong body wrap as well. around 2 hrs per session
  13. happiness

    happiness New Member

    i did post natal massage for few mths after i give birth, lost about 8kg and still have 10kg to go. no matter what i did no use already
  14. Phoebii Cheng

    Phoebii Cheng Well-Known Member

    What abt doing some exercise?
  15. Ange

    Ange Member

    Hi Happiness,

    Perhaps you can try acupuncture slimming which my friend and i went to, i manage to lose 10KG and she able to lose 17KG. Afterall, still able to maintain for 1yr plus. But are you still on BF?
  16. weightp

    weightp Alpha Male

    ofcourse exercise is good..
  17. lovelymother

    lovelymother Member

    exercise is good.

    if you're back at work, take the baby out for a walk around the neighborhood in the evening. relax the mind and body as well.

    i think loosing weight after giving birth depends on each individual. for me, i just work, exercise and eat regularly. but of course, after my confinement, i went on a feast, eating all the food that i couldn't have and thus resulting in additional weight gain and feeling bloated everytime. then i'll just drink chinese tea or fruitylite to relieve that feeling and go for a slow walk/jog sometimes.

    it may not seem much but it helps for the long run.
  18. kennymevrick

    kennymevrick New Member

    Well I also agree that Its depends on individual and also age plays a part. If you are a young mummy, not a problem to back back pre-preggie size within a short period of time. So you can do light exercise and also take diet food after few days.
  19. asianmirage

    asianmirage Member

    about the acu slimming, ur still got to take any shakes or pills??
  20. Yuhua

    Yuhua Member

    Hi Babes,

    I did postnatal yoga & lost the pounds the I gained during my pregnancy. And after my second boy, I did the same & lost more than what I weighed before my 2nd pregnancy. I guess yoga is really beneficial to one's health as I felt alot more alive aftereach lesson & helps to gain back my confidence level. You guys may want to check out Yoga. If you guys want more info, check out my instructor's url, Yoga - Yoga - Your Journey towards Physical and Mental Wellness.

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