weight loss after giving birth


Reductil...love it....been on Reductil for exactly one month...got weighed yesterday...lost 6 kg in 4 weeks. I have gone from eating everything in sight to having to actually remind myself to eat...Cravings for fatty foods gone...found Reductil worked in first day...now eating healthy and walking every night...
I'm down one size and this is just in one month...
After years of constant weight gain due to constant food cravings I'm ABSOLUTELY THRILLED as reductil has made it so easy to lose the weight without the daily battle.
and yes, I also buy reductil online on http://cheapmeds4u.com ... it's safe and quick.


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I've been on phentermine 3 months and I've lost 14kgs. I enjoyed that time :).
The only side effect I had was dry mouth. I sometimes went through not eating at all because phentermine cuts your appetite so much.



I want to share my testimonial for weight loss. Till 2004, I was around 55kg, until after i gave birth to my daughter in 2006, i gained weight to about 63kg(post natal). all the massages , exercises, reduce food intake all did not work for me. I even signed up slimming packages with Jxxn Yxp. True enough, it did not work well also. Every session at Jxxn Yxp, i can lose about 0.5kg, but due to tight schedule at work, i cant go every week, so the progress became stagnant.
In 2008, i was pregnant with my 2nd baby , after giving birth in dec 2008, my weight was around 66kg-68kg. Imagine from M-L, i became XL.
The cycle of losing weight started all over again..
My weight went up and down (but going up most of the time). I tried exercising, yoga, gym, cut carbo, no sweet stuff.. but ... weight keep going up n up.. Ex-colleague tried to introduce me to TRA (from nuskin).. i found it too expensive and dare not take up..
The horror came until I decided to cut carbo during dinner from late 2013 to early 2014.. Guess what, the weight did not go down, but in fact, it went up and up until i finally reach 73Kg!!!

Then at this point of time, my sis friends recommended her to Nuskin (TRA again).. I was rather hesitant at that time, worried that $$ spent and I can't persist to gain the results.
However, she proved to me that it can be achieved.. she was much more bigger size than me before the programme (about 80++kg), now she's like 60kg..
After sometime of consideration, i decided to go on the program:
and here's my achievement so far
May 2014 :
Age 35
Body age 55
VFA (organ fat ) 12
Weight 73kg
Antioxidant level 12000

September 2014 :
Age 35
Body Age 50
VFA (organ fat ) 8
Weight 64Kg
Antioxidant level 32000

There are other measurements done, but the list is inexhaustive..
Anyone keen to find out more.. Please contact me for free assessment. I am still going through the programme

To add on:
My confidence level dropped to extremely low when i keep gaining weight. No matter how i tried to reduce my food intake. Worse part is, my colleagues all eat the same things as me (breakfast and lunch), same like me, no exercise and they dont even need to do housework. I walk to work and they take car... I keep gaining weight and they dont't.. was super demoralised. Now, after the TR90 program, ( i am still doing a second round of it), i feel i am moreconfident, even colleagues comment that i look much more radiant than before.
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I lost 17 kg with reductil 15 mg in just 3 months :) I feel great and very very happy :Dancing_wub:
It's a good weight loss for me after years of weight gain lol

I have same feeling :) after many years finnaly a weight loss!

I used reductil 20mg sold on www.cheapmeds4u.com
It simply works by suppressing the appetite and you eat much less food/fats/sweets. It's easy to follow and gives results shortly after beginning of treatment.

I'd recommend it to all those mummies that need help in weight loss!



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As I can see on this forum, reductil is still on top of all diet pills .... :red:

Last time I used Reductil 15mg back in 2013
It helped me lose all extra weight easily and since that time I did't regain any weight which makes me a happy and slim mom :)

A lot of friends told me I will gain all weight back after stopping the treatment but it's not like that and now I do recommend Reductil to anyone as it really has no yo-yo effect like many other slimming pills.

BTW I also bought it from cheapmeds4u.com These guys are doing a great job!


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Hi Simone, what color are their pills of 20mg ?

I used reductil too and those of white and blue seem to be very effective.


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Hi Simone, what color are their pills of 20mg ?

I used reductil too and those of white and blue seem to be very effective.
I don't no what color is reductil 20 but anyway I wouldn't mind about the color :)
It\s the effect that counts and you can fully trust these guys concerning their products quality.


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I used Phentermine in the past but now I'm on Reductil (I buy it here: www.meridiareductil.com..) since its effects are more visible for me. I lost 14 kg in three months of treatment. That's great, isn't it? :) It has decreased my appetite and I am not thinking about food all the time. Of course, I also try to combine Meridia with exercise when I have time but it happens very rarely 'cause I'm busy with the work and family and I feel too tired at the end of the day.


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any suggestions for acupuncture dimming shops and price? 2 months old mummy still has 15kg to shed off!

Reis Teow

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dear all, would like to update that i order reductil from cheapmeds4u on 27th april but yesterday found out my item was detained by HSA singapore, i feel so sad, they could not release the item to me and i have lost my money.... i am first time buying from the site and first time user of reductil too....


reductil available here , price is about almost 150$ to 200$ cheaper than online. authentic, i can provide photo too... and there is no need to worry about not receiving the parcels if u were to place orders online...

PM for more info


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Hey ladies,
I find reductil fantastic. I lost 25 kilos on them in the past and I have just started taking them again as I put on loads of weight with my last pregnancy (dear son is 14 months old now) I need to lose at least 30 kg altogether and I am so desparate to lose it. I placed a month order online on Meridiareductil.com as recommended and now waiting my order. I'm very excited... :)
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Being a slim, happy mum is essential :wong3:

The quality of my life is much much better since I've lost my extra weight.

I used REDUCTIL 15MG from www.cheapmeds4u.com

-18KG in 4 months time! I know many mums are afraid of regaining the lost weight with reductil, I can tell you I have never gained a KG back.

Of course that depends a lot on your lifestyle but it's actually enough to stick to healthy food, that's it.

Good luck to everyone that has yet to lose weight ;)


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Hi Mommies,

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The ingredients are decomposed by enzymes into low molecules by 90 types of fermented plant and extract of wild herbs, vegetables, fruits, seaweed and sugar, and the absorption of such ingredients by the human body is improved. Accordingly the product can make up for the nutritional insufficiency that can often occur during fasting and help people to diet in a healthy and effortless way.

Moreover, the product containing fruits has a slightly sweet taste and smooth flavor. Thus, particular consideration has been given to the taste and flavor so that you can continue to enjoy drinking it for a long time.

It was also tested by 20 general product testers for 4 weeks by replacing one meal per day with the enzyme liquid. According to the test results, the average weight loss in 20 participants was 2.4 kg, and 7 out of 20 participants lost 3 kg or more.

It's a healthy way of losing weight.
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My younger sister tried coolsculpting after her pregnancy and it did help her quite a bit, of course she had to maintain the results and even continue with workouts and walks, whenever she had the time. Not everyone can be suitable for the procedure as far as I know, so it might be worth reading up more if you gals are interested. I googled a bit and this is one of the first results on coolsculpting by doctors (also called fat-freezing apparently, which I find rather amusing for some reason haha) https://www.doctorxdentist.com/the-doctors-guide-to-fat-freeze-cool-sculpting-in-singapore

Nothing beats good diet and being active, though. Especially if you want to not have loose skin and you don't want to go for treatments, you might want to look into some of the diets that are popular these days like keto or at least do intermetant fasting. Just make sure you're not breast feeding or do research on the effects of diets on the breast milk first, can never be too careful.