What do u eat during confinement

Discussion in 'Confinement Period' started by iwan2noe, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. iwan2noe

    iwan2noe Well-Known Member

    Hi Hi,

    What do u mummies eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner during ur confinement ?

    I know for main meals during lunch and dinner are more or less those 'fixed' confinement food.. Then how abt breakfast? Usual breakfast that u take during pre-pregnancy or breakfast that are more nutritious and healthy and 'bu" ?

    Hope to learn more from experience mums v soon... I am a soon to be 1st time mummy :)
  2. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    I take milo & oats for breakfast, actually throughout the day as well. Milo & oats supposedly can help boost bm supply.

    I don't really take a lot of the traditional confinement food like pig trotters vingear. Weirdly enough, I love this dish when I am not preggy. In confinement, I couldn't even stand the smell.

    What I do eat:
    1) Greens, spinach mainly - the CL I employed previously said to get the red stemmed ones. No cooling veg like cabbage allowed.

    2) Sesame oil chicken

    3) Steamed fish - threadfin, salmon & cod

    4) Saute Ginger with pig kidney/sliced pork

    5) Homemade chicken essence

    6) Ginger fried rice

    7) soups like lotus root with pork ribs

    8) Mee sua with kidney/sliced pork

    9) Sesame oil pork slices

    As you can see, my diet revolved ard ginger, sesame oil and soups.
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  3. Phoebii Cheng

    Phoebii Cheng Well-Known Member

    What I ate for bf? I think it is mostly the standard, like milo or horlicks, bread, oats sometimes my CL cook for me mee sua soup

    For lunch & dinner most of the things she fry with ginger or steam with ginger and sesame oil like fish (threadfin mostly), sliced pork or chicken , mostly green veges but my hubby's aunt cooked one big pot of pork with egg in vinegar......and yes the CL did boil some soup (she put dang gui, hong zao, gou ji), but not the papaya soup.....
  4. Goldiemum

    Goldiemum Member

    Yap, My CL cooked most of the above for me too. Breakfast most of the time is mee sua. If I am sick of mee sua already she will fried eggs for me to take with bread.
  5. iwan2noe

    iwan2noe Well-Known Member

    camom, thanks alot for sharing with me! =)
    now i have a rough idea of what i can expect when i am doing my confinement.. ya lor, my mum also told me to either take milo or holicks...then my mil told me to eat bread with fried eggs etc...hehe...

    but does milo and oats helped u in increasing ur breastmilk supply?
  6. iwan2noe

    iwan2noe Well-Known Member

    i also v sian of mee sua even i have not done my confinement..
    my milk alwys cook mee sua for me, now i v scare of eating steamed or boiled fish and mee sua lioa though i love mee suan b4 i am pregnant.. =P
  7. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    Not sure if it's due to the milo & oats but I have a pretty gd supply. Maybe it's also due to the increased fluid intake. But I find taking hot drinks very relaxing when in an aircon rm.

    After my confinement, I started making fish soup for myself. Cook 1 week's supply on Sun and freeze into individual portions for each day. I didn't take any papaya fish soup during my confinement cos the green papaya is said to be cooling (my mom disallowed).
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  8. shiyi

    shiyi Member

    cool i love meesua.. but i cant take too much milo due to lactose intolerance... how ah
  9. lovelymother

    lovelymother Member

    i ate food as per normal actually. just no seafood or fried stuff. and my mother in law cooked some of those confinement dishes for me.

    and also i drank this huiji waist tonic daily because it's non alcoholic. i was kinda paranoid that if i drank something alcholic it would make my baby into an alcholic in the future when i bf. lol.

    maybe you can go look around the recipes section for ideas. i tried a few and it's not bad.

    i hope this helps.
  10. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    breakfast - i tend to slp till very late last time so i will just slp all the way till 11am, had a cup of milo den 12pm for lunch

    lunch - fish with ginger (but i didnt eat e ginger), ginger pork/chk (chk is 1-2 weeks aft my c-sect), vege with ginger, soup.

    dinner - roughly same as lunch...

    fruits - apples, cherries, orange, banana, durians, pear etc.. basically any types of fruits but didnt eat from fridge one..

    but i didnt really eat alot cos appetite wasnt good tt time but thru out the whole day i drank lotsa milo and ate lotsa 'soda bia' (butter crackers) :001_302:
  11. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    have a cup of warm milo right b4 u pump or bf ur baby. i think it somehow helps =)
  12. lovelymother

    lovelymother Member

    you ladies ate quite a variety of food during your confinement.

    i only had the usual confinement dishes like pig trotters or sesame chicken.

    my mil just cook a a big pot and just add in a dose of the waist tonic after cooking it. and i'll be having it for days.

    save the trouble. but then it's better than nothing. :\
  13. kym

    kym Member

    hot milo, wholemeal bread with cheese, sometime chee cho fun (no black sauce) for breakfast.

    Lunch will be me tai mak with lots of kai lan, broccoli and gingers, fried ginger rice, sesame oil chicken/pork, steam/pan fried fish with gingers.

    Dinner will be chicken chop, sesame oil chicken/pork, fried kai lan, broccoli, pig trotters, chicken soup, steam/pan fried fish with gingers

    I ate fruits like papaya, apple, honey dew, banana cherries, strawberries after every meal.

    My confinement lady is a very good cook and very creative.
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  14. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    Breakfast is my break to confinement food. I had stuff from the market like fried beehoon or pork porridge. Sometimes bread with Nutella or butter and Milo. I avoided caffeine.

    Lunch and dinner I catered my confinement food. The food was terrible. And there was too much ginger. It was the standard stuff that camom mummy listed just that the taste was not good.

    Frankly speaking, don't overdose on all the confinement food like ginger and the alcohol. Get good rest, drink enough fluids and you'll be back on your feet with a good milk supply.
  15. fern

    fern Member

    hi diymummy,
    which confinement caterer did u use? thanks
  16. Mummy to Baby V

    Mummy to Baby V Well-Known Member

    I am a vegetarian and my confinement lady (an EXCELLENT cook) doesn't know how to plan vegetarian confinement menu, so I catered lunch & dinner. (Btw, I'm staying in KL.)

    Breakfast: Organic baby oats, 2 slices of wholemeal bread, butter / cheese / egg, fruit
    Since I am still breastfeeding, I continue the same type of breakfast until now.
    Need a lot of nutrition to keep up with son's appetite.
    Am eating A LOT more than pre-pregnancy days, without any weight gain.
    Breastfeeding rocks!

    Have a good rest during confinement! :)
  17. sassylady

    sassylady Member

    no seafood that's for sure.

    mostly normal home cooked food. just a little selective at times. i can be quite the picky eater. like no ginger or fish sometimes.

    no cold drinks. i think it was until the end that i drank cold drinks.

    no alcohol also as i was bf. but i drank the waist tonic from huiji which is said to be non alcoholic as recommended by the chinese doctor.
  18. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    I used Newbaby. I wanted to use Natal Essentials but they don't deliver to the East.
  19. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    I think my confinement food doesn't look like confinement food , i eat like normal just that the food is cook with "ma you " , even spaggetti leh , is it fine ? Anyway why can't drink water , i drink the red dates keep feel very thristy & feel like dehydrating .. :(
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  20. iwan2noe

    iwan2noe Well-Known Member

    if ur wound is still healing, Try to avoid eggs first until it healed:)
    I was told by taking eggs it slowed down tbd healing process..

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