What do you do when you are unhappy/sad?

i veri weird de.. whenever i m angry, i will do housework! funi rite? hehe.. but tts the fact...

when i was single, i will go changi beach.. take in all the sea breeze den ok liao....


Hehehe alcohol helps calm me down n puts me to slp...... N I decently drinks it at home cos no khakis to drink outside :tlaugh:


the 1st thing i will do is cry den later call my sis up to tell her my problems, and i will smoke and nite time will go drinking.


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Do you:

1) go shopping ?
2) find food to eat ?
3) blast loud music ?
4) find someone and spill your heart out?
5) cry in your room ?

or others?

For me, I will bake and eat... :)
for me, I'll go in retail therapy & each therapy will burn a super big hole in my dh pocket, at the end of the cold war, I'll cry out, each quarrel make us stronger


Hi all, whenever im unhappy/sad, i would either go drinking (if i hav kakis lah), if nt i will go shopping! I would feel very happy if im able to buy my favourite Hello Kitty tings! I will sure cheer up after that de. :Dancing_wub: