What present to get for 1 yrs old

Discussion in 'Mummy Cafe' started by iwan2noe, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. iwan2noe

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    Hi mummies,

    I am getting a present for a 1 yr old boy for his birthday..

    Do u have any suggestions what i can get?
    Like toys/books(what types), clothing etc?

    can shed some light and give some ideas?

    Thanks a million! :]:red:
  2. littlehelper

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    Toys -anything that has sound/light/can move will be good.
    Books-Hard cover one word with one picture.
    Clothes can be quite useful to the parents as i dun think parents will buy alot of clothes for baby as they out grow it quite quickly.So they may appreciate if people buy clothes for them.
    Also can get those nursery rhymes CD.
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  3. stonston

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    My son received quite alot of presents on his 1st birthday. Those that he are still using/playing with actively are:
    - Walker which can be coverted to rider/car
    - Lightning McQueen ride on car
    - Hardcover books & board books (honestly, i would love it if someone give us any phonics or readers SERIES -> gotta hint to my mum for my son's 3rd bday!)
    - Toy car set (many different types of cars in 1 set)
    - Lego
    - Construction machine set
  4. spottycow

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    Chances r he won't even remember that what he is getting is for his bday since he is only 1yr old.

    So get something that would b able to last him for at least a few yrs, like toys. U can get him some books if he can appreciate it.
  5. hk2207

    hk2207 New Member

    I dun think toys is good ideal cos he sure recieved many toys for his bday... get something that is usefull....like shoe or clothing lo...

    Try this :

    Happy little foot :] :wong19:

    you can just place an order and they will delivery for you.

    I bought a couple of items from them before good service and worth the price!
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  7. jazzyjj

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    No need to buy present. Just give a cake can already. Also won't remember.
  8. pokemon97

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    Building blocks, Musical toy or gift vouchers.
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