What To Eat During Pregnancy

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  1. LaraCroft

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    We often hear what we CAN'T eat during pregnancy but what can we actually eat? How much more should we eat now that we are pregnant?

    This is what I ate during my first pregnancy in Singapore. What To Eat During Pregnancy

    What other easy and convenient food options are there?

    Please share!
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  2. Jennifer22

    Jennifer22 New Member

    what to eat during pregnancy is the most important question that women ask their doctors.there are some foods that you should never avoid like fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables & meat.
  3. LaraCroft

    LaraCroft Member

    You are right Jennifer. Continue to eat right is the key to healthy pregnancy.
  4. blackcanary

    blackcanary Member

    You should try to drink more milk as well because bb need calcium for bones growth. Not enough calcium bb will draw from the mother. Its okay except the mum will have higher risk of osteoporosis when she grows older.
  5. honeygirl

    honeygirl Member

    Dear mummy,
    i knew that pregnant cannot eat seafood especially
    crab , but how about prawn? Sometime after meal,
    i felt bloated and uneasy ... Did not know how to describle
    that discomfort feeling:( any one experience that before in
    early pregnancy ?
  6. LaraCroft

    LaraCroft Member

    Hi honeygirl,
    I ate seafood including crabs, prawns, shellfish etc during pregnancy and my baby turned out ok. I think it depends if your family has allergy history to shellfish. If you do, it is best to avoid it but no need to cut it out entirely. What you should avoid is fish with high level of mercury, which may harm your fetus such as tuna, mackerel, saba etc.

    You can check out my post on early pregnancy symptoms and how to relieve it here:
    The Chill Mom: How To Remain Chill and Enjoy Your Pregnancy: First Trimester
  7. Mojito83

    Mojito83 New Member

    eat everything

    Hehee I eat almost everything as per normal. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, raw stuff and smelly cheeses. On top of that, take multi vits, calcium supplements and fish oil prescribed by gynae. That's it!
  8. rainbowgotu

    rainbowgotu New Member

    anyone still drink bubble tea? I just drank milk tea..
  9. Superior baby

    Superior baby New Member

    Hi mummies,

    I drank bubbles Tea when I was 5th month. I also drank a little bit of soft drink because I have very bad MS during my pregnancy. Then my mouth is full of sour taste so I do drink some tasty drink n food to overcome the discomfort.I also consume food supplement like fish oil,protein powder,calcium,Iron,multi vit.I didn't take the food supplement prescribe by gynea cos the gynea give one look so artificial like medicine. So thru fren recommend I bought the organic one.But I never drink coffee, raw food. I also eat half boiled egg as I saw from some book the egg must be cooked. Baby just turn 1 year and he is healthy and active.
  10. sicapie

    sicapie Member

    I eat basically everything. I just ensure to avoid most herbs, except cordycep, ensure that I take no more than 1 cup of coffee a day and avoid canned food. Just ensure that you eat everything in moderation and drink more milk.
  11. azshohan

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