What to give my 11mths baby overseas?

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in oct i will be leavin SG with my baby to Guang Zhou & Bangkok for abt 3-4 weeks. im quite worried abt what to feed my girl then. Any 1 can give me what i should feed my bb since i wont be cooking for her. Currently she has no teeth yet thats y im wondering what ill have to feed her since i wont have my food processor with me too... :embarrassed:


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Brought my son to HK for a week when he was 12 months old. He survived on Nestle brown rice cereal and breast milk for that week. Got quite sick of it towards the end I think, because he was eating less and less, but at least I didn't have to lug a cooker along. :)
Haha thanks! ya i guess the only thing i can give bb is nestle items. guess i gotta buy all diff kinds of flavour cereal. :001_302:


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There's those easy to heat up food pockets from Pigeon. Can add those to rice. Gerber's used to have small microwable meals but the supermarkets don't seem to carry them anymore.

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For breaky can bring an avocado/bananas (to mix with nestle/frisocream) whilst for lunch & dinner can order from hotel/restaurant, plain porridge (no msg & salt) with shreded chicken and egg yolk (if possible some veggies) sprinkled with spring onions. Tell them it's for babies so taste is secondary. Usually 1 portion can be for 2x meals so keep the rest in hot container for next meal. For back ups you can always bring the instant ones (need add water only)
That's what I did...
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