when did you start introducing bottle? Medela Calma Reviews?

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group' started by milkshake, May 13, 2012.

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    Would like to know when bottle was introduced to your baby - bottle to feed EBM with. Been reading a lot and most sites seem to say 6-8 weeks is the best time to introduce bottle. Some mothers have tried when their babies are at 3 months and above and have difficulties as their babies kept rejecting the bottle.

    Also has anyone used Medela Calma and any reviews about it? I'm tempted to use it on my baby but just wondering if I shld still wait til she's about 6-8 weeks even tho Calma is meant to simulate a mothers breast and the baby needs to work for her milk - ie there is supposedly no automatic flow - as such baby wld need to suckle to get milk - similar to latching on.
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    hi milkshake,

    i'm using the Medela Calma for my 12 day old baby. That's becos the confinement lady suggested she do the night feeds.. so in the day, i let baby latch on. in the night, CL feeds EBM with Medela Calma. So far so good... *fingers crossed*

    I am very particular and only allow Calma to be used. Once I saw CL use the normal teat and was so upset!
  3. milkshake

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    Hi arielc! so glad to hear someone introducing Medela Calma! My baby is also 12 day old today and I've been really contemplating to introduce Calma to her so that I can get some rest in the night but day time I let her latch on -- like what you're doing. I wouldn't introduce any other teats since Calma is suppose to replicate a mother's breast and make the baby work for her milk. However, I think I still have trouble sleeping at night as my breast tends to get hard/full despite latching/pumping in the day so I'm also wondering. Do you have such problems?

    Just hoping that she wont get nipple confusion after I introduce, I'm worried on that part. How long has your baby been on Calma?

    I also read online about how Calma's teat is long and some babies tend to choke on it so I'm also worried.
  4. notabigdeal

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    I introduced the bottle to my baby at 4weeks plus, using the normal avent teats. My baby can switch between bottle and breast easily.

    During the first two months, I just let the baby latch on at night as I do not want to tire my helpers who are my parents. If you don't mind co-sleeping, you can actually try latching on by lying side by side with the baby. You'll be able to get some sleep and the baby can help to clear the milk too. From third month onwards, for night feeding, I pump one side while the baby drinks from the other side.

    He's 14weeks old now and I'm bottle feeding him more often now to emulate the times when I will be away for work.

    I can really empathize with how you ladies feel as I was really panicky when I first started introducing bottles too. I believe not all babies are fussy, just trust your motherly instinct!

    Good luck with introducing the bottles!
  5. arielc

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    hi milkshake!

    i've been using Calma since he's a few days old. but just to let you know i'm switching back to total latch on already. reason being the lactation consultant has advised me to do total latch on to regulate my milk flow. i think like notabigdeal, i'll only introduce calma again when he's 4 week old. in the meantime, just a bit more work. i figured if i have to wake up in the middle of the night to pump anyway, why not let him latch on and build bonding? :)
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    I let my son use the bottle a couple of times since birth as I didn't know any better. Stopped at 4 months due to breast refusal. With my daughter I'm won't be using a bottle as I don't intend to express.
  7. milkshake

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    Thanks. Think I'll do the same at around 4 weeks plus too!

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