When to start Breast Feeding??


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if possible, start bf-ing straight aft u deliver is the best. some only started quite a few hrs later due to varies reason. if u're giving birth via natural, most likely able to bf v soon aft delivery =)


It's best to do it right after delivery to try and see if milk flow is out.

I asked to bf immediately after delivery, but milk comes out very slowly and baby was very hungry. So gave in to formula milk instead. Moreover, I lost quite a fair bit of blood and that kinda contributed to my low milk supply too.


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it's good to bf immediately after giving birth right in the delivery room but it may not always be possible if you had an epidural coz baby might be groggy. epidural does pass the placenta to the baby. but don't worry, keep having the nurse bring ur baby to u. try not to give into feeding formula as this will affect ur milk supply since it's a matter of supply and demand. it's normal to have 'little' milk becoz in the 1st days, it's just colostrum and it's really not going to be a lot. if baby is groggy, don't worry, baby will also have enough brown fats to withstand not drinking much milk in the 1st 2 days - after which he'll be really hungry. :) all the best!


Once baby pops out then straight on boob as soon as possible :) Cleaning up and bathing can wait.

Search 'breast crawl' on google


Yah it's best to start bf asap... For me I though that I have no breast milk but under my aunt in law advice I tried on the 2nd day after delivery and thank goodness I am able to bf my baby successfully...


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immediately after birth there is a golden time when baby is naturally inclined to searching for and latching on to the breast. Its always so much easier to start the bfg journey if you work with nature at this point. Watch this for a little more information - BABYCRAWL