When Your Partner/Spouse Says He's 'Busy'...

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  1. AshleyKnows

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    read this really great article about why people always say "I'm busy" and what they actually mean. now you know why your friends or hubby always say "i'm busy" everytime you meet them

    "The reality in life is that we don’t have time for everybody, and this is actually a strong relationship test. I’ve been guilty of using “I’m busy” as a cover for saying “you’re not my priority” more times in my life than I can count.

    On the flip side, I find that when I truly care about a person, I might say “I’m busy”, and then follow up by offering another credible date to meet. Humans aren’t really the greatest at truly hiding their feelings.

    I’m not advertising this as a ‘rule of thumb’ to test your relationship though, because the actual rule of thumb is that actions speak louder than words

    Full Article: https://medium.com/the-singapore-ho...when-they-say-im-busy-a48d8d56053c#.qezg3k8ec
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    I am also guilty because I've used "i'm busy" so many times, but there were also times that i realized that i should have time for my family especially my kids.

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