where can i buy goodies bag for my dd birthday?


hi mummies, i thought of celebrating my dd 2nd birthday at her school. So thought of getting some goodies bag for her classmate, is there any shop or online to get goodles?

pls recommend..

Thanks in advance :)


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i DIY my own goodie bags. i usu grab some brown bags from daiso, n pack some stuffs in. if i hv a theme, i try to go with the theme.


I just bought goodies bags and little toys from the shops located at middle road, also for my son 2 year old party. I think it's midland house (if I am not wrong). There are 3 such gift shops next to each other, and they used to be from concourse. But one of the shops are more expensive, go to all and compare then make the purchase.

Have fun!
Hi Jassmine, i would go to this shop in between the Marine Parade food centre and OCBC bank to get all i need - party bags (about $1.50 for a dozen), tidbits (a whole assortment) and party hats/clappers/masks/poppers etc. they also sell simple stationery packs for $1 or so and little bits if toys and such. I find it cheaper than the shops along Middle road - which i checked out since i used to work in Bugis. (And you live in Katong so Marine Parade's convenient ;) )

Would be a good idea to bring your little one along to pick out the items she likes! although they should also be relatively gender neutral ;) I usually spend under $2 a party bag. recently for Christmas, i also got all my 6 nephews polycarbonate water bottles for $1 each from Value dollar. there's one at Toa Payoh MRT and many others around Singapore :)
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