Where can I rent breast pump?


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Anyknow knows and how much?

I remember breastfeeding support group used to have but I see now they no longer provide such service (from what I see from their website).


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how old is ur baby? or yet to deliver?

wot i did was buy a manual pump. after delivery when i realised i had alot of milk n manual pump is too slow, then i invested in a breast pump (avent duo).

even if u rent, u gotta buy certain parts on ur own (for hygiene purposes).


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Havent delivered yet.

I already have a manual pump but thought of renting a good one to try out in the office...

I knw mumsandbabes have such service but I don't know how much..

So thought of asking if any mummies here know the rental rate..


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I can rent out my ardo which i am currently not using. If interested, pls call or whatsapp me at 94886774