Where to buy cheap winter clothing??


Usually cheap winter clothing is best bought during the winter months, ie, Oct-Dec.

I remember seeing cheap and affordable winter wear at UniQlo last winter season.


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yah i think uniQlo do sell cheaper winter wear. or u can look out for robinson sales, sometimes their winter wear is very cheap when they hv winter wear sales.


Thanks for the tip....just went to uniqlo and got some really cheap fleece sweaters for myself n my gal, but didn't manage to get any jackets though.....Actually OG also has quite a good range. Read that there's a 'warehouse' at kaki bukit selling quite cheap too...going to check it out if i manage to get the address.. :)))


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Have a nice day!!!!


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you can purchase them at UNIQLO. the clothes there are cheap and helps you to keep warm during the winter:)


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Having survived two ski trips in the last year - I'd have to give uniqlo's Heat-tech base layers the thumbs up. It really does the work, for down to -5c.


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As for me, I am waiting for summer sales, as in summer we get the biggest discount for winter clothing. Actually, it works for summer clothes too (during winter sales). I never buy "cheap" clothing, as you risk your child getting sick. Especially in the case of boots. Winter weather is very tricky, so it's better to get a brand item and be sure the kid is warm.