Where to buy doppler in singapore?


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Hmm I used a stopwatch and count baby heartbeat for only 6secs , then I multiply it by 10 to get the rate per min. But must focus hehe.. Coz heartbeat quite fast so the moment you start the stopwatch, you gotta start counting hahaa mine is always around 160-180 =)
ohh i see! so that digital numbering on the doppler is somewhat the frequency is it? hahah i thought we refer to that for the heartbeat rate.. thks pinkymummy!


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Hi kittymeowmeow! I bought it at S$138, considered pretty cheap coz i saw it at really high prices elsewhere! But JUST IN CASE, you dont hear any heartbeat yet, pls do not be too disturbed by it. coz i tried it the moment i bought it and i heard baby's heartbeat twice at 10 weeks, quite easy to detect too. However just last week, i tried again thrice and couldnt hear a thing, totally freaked out, went for a scan but saw baby kicking and waving at me!!:Dancing_wub:

I read online, though dopplers are safe, but try to restrict yourself to use it only bout twice per week. Dont get too carried away ya!! hahaa good luck to you! Do update us!!:tlaugh:

Hi pinkymummy, i would like to buy too. Can u give me the contact number??
thank you very much ... :Dancing_wub:


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Hihi! Anyone knows where to buy a reasonably priced doppler( baby heartbeat detector) in singapore? Saw a few online on ebay but quite skeptical bout it =p im in my 10th wk now so not sure if can hear anythg yet? Heard its not easy to hear baby's heartbeat with it too.:err:
hi, just want to share info. check dis site. can rent and buy fetal doppler.:shyxxx:

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I bought my doppler from this webbie.
Its an ang moh who owns the web site i think.

The doppler, for it to be effective, its best to be used after 12 weeks... and the baby is very small so a hell lot of patience is needed for detecting the heartbeat :)

My experience was like one day have, the other day cannot find... so very fedup also sometimes, but it gets easier as bb grows :)