where to get cheapest milk powder?

Discussion in 'General Parenting Discussion' started by jsphtay, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. jsphtay

    jsphtay Alpha Male


    just wonder whether u guys mind sharing where to get the cheapest selling price for milk powder. and how much?

    PLSSSSSS share for the benefit of those cutting cost =D
  2. redjn

    redjn Well-Known Member

    u are too far fm where I get my powder (FrisoGold). I bought my in Jurong west area where it can be at least $2-3 diff fm the mkt. Any mummies out there can give her the advise :)
  3. mummiestarries

    mummiestarries New Member

    May i know which shop in Jurong West do you buy FrisoGold from? Cause nowadays dunno why, FrisoGold increased in price from $29.95 to $34.00.
  4. mag_huiling

    mag_huiling Member

    what brand of milk powder are u intending to buy?
  5. jsphtay

    jsphtay Alpha Male

    enfagrow and enfakid
  6. redjn

    redjn Well-Known Member

    FrisoGold brand is building up their reputation thats y price increase but to compare with other brand they r still cheaper. O dear as for the address I will need to revert hopefully next week when I go there for lunch. hehe... didnt strike my mind to keep the address. I will get the full detail for u ASAP. :)
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  7. veronica

    veronica Active Member

    Yes and i notice they keep increasing. We dun have a choice cos bb needs to eat.

    Anyone know where to get cheaper friso in the east?
  8. Catty

    Catty Member

    Maybe u can try to find any chinese medical hall nearby your place cos from what i know some medical hall their milk powder is cheaper than those super market by few dollars or if your hubby go to jb frequently to pump petrol can go m'sia Giant to buy it's even cheaper can save about $10 - $15 per tin.. :red:
  9. jsphtay

    jsphtay Alpha Male

    but malaysia one is pack in thailand rite?
  10. Phoebii Cheng

    Phoebii Cheng Well-Known Member

    Recently my hubby found a place to buy Frisogold, it's at tampines one of the medical hall....its at least $5 dollars cheaper.....now the Frisogold is packaging is different cos' of the extra prebiotic or probiotic inside and it's packed in Holland, that's why it is expensive......
  11. jo_mum

    jo_mum Member

    I know there is 1 neighbourhood store in Yishun blk 632 selling friso gold 1 at $30.50 per tin while ntuc selling at $34.00. But dun know whether the price will increase again or not.
  12. LynetteLoh

    LynetteLoh Member

    my baby drink nestle nan ha. buy from sheng shiong cheaper than ntuc. sheng shiong is $33 and ntuc is $36.10.
  13. lollipopbaby

    lollipopbaby Member

    U r buying Friso 1 2 3 or 4? where r u staying?
  14. JoyBliss

    JoyBliss Member

  15. kenxf_03

    kenxf_03 Member

    sorrie 2 borrow this thread, Anyone knows where to get cheap Nestle Nan 1? Ntuc selling $32.80, sheng siong selling $31.50. Anybody knows where got sell cheaper than this 2 place? Thanks
  16. cui_er

    cui_er Member

    I also realise buying milk powder from Malaysia is much cheaper than from singapore, can save up to about 30% for certain brands. Anybody knows if there's any "problems" with consuming milk from Malaysia?
  17. Catty

    Catty Member

    I've bought M'sia milk powder ever since i gave birth my 1st gal, even my 2nd and 3rd gal is milk powder is all from M'sia, think there won't be any problem in consuming so long as the milk powder is not made in China.. :001_302:
  18. iwan2noe

    iwan2noe Well-Known Member

    If u are working in the distribution company of baby's milk, u can buy milk powder at a v good price. My friend's cousin is working with similac and she can get a whole carton of similac from the company she works in...

    It is v much cheaper!:red:
  19. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    my mum dun trust prdts from malaysia... so she ask me not to get from there..
  20. redjn

    redjn Well-Known Member

    finally, I got the address : Blk 504 Jurong West St. 51 #01-239 (S) 640504. In the same row further down the store is another Chinese medicine hall also sell milk powder. Both shop price is comparable.
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