Which brand best for night cream?


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Anyone can suggest the night cream on best price, and not sticky....:err: I bought the nivea, but I still feel it sticky....


i find himalays night cream is gd.. cuz i have very very dry skin... but the cream moist my face well and i wont feel oily or dry when i wake up the next morning...


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I'm using Regeneration Time-to-go from Beauticontrol (tupperware)... not sticky at all. Skin feels soft and smooth.


I use lancome. Suits my skin and I love the light fragrance it leaves on my face. :) It helps restore the suppleness of my skin.


Night cream is thicker in texture which is more suitable for dry or mature skin.

I like Lancome and Kose, because they are not oily yet easily melt into skin, keeping face hydrated. Nice smelling too.


im using the nivea visage sparkling white (day care)...which sometimes i also use for night time...not sticky or oily (for me)...so far so good.

Pei Qing

I'm trying the dead sea products. The shop at jp in front of macdonalds. Not sticky and works VERY WELL.

I also tried suisse programme. Sasa sells it. It works like magic. Da S and Lin Zhi Ling is their spokeswomen. Haha


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hi there

i'm currently using clarins multi active night lotion, it's really light weight and nice smelling. previously i'm using biotherm aquasource but still feels sticky after application so my friend recommand me clarins and i love it. if u wan to try can always get a sample from them to try out 1st. :)


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Its depends on your skin type and age cos difference skin type use difference range and need to pick the right one for your skin.