which brand infant milk powder is better?

Discussion in 'Year 2011 and earlier Mummy' started by flyclound, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. flyclound

    flyclound New Member

    Hi, All,
    Just like to check with Mummies, which brand of infant milk powder you buy? Some Ppl told the Meiji (Japanese brand) is less heaty and is better although it is not available in Singapore market.
  2. lonerjas

    lonerjas Member

    lol, nowadays all milk brand almost same de la, no neccessary to buy meiji, well in fact i nv heard b4 meiji milk powder haha here is my recent comparisons

    Best milk in SG:
    1) Goat milk is best if u can afford\
    2) Enfalac

    Good range:
    1) Similac ( but step 2 is heaty )
    2) MAmil Gold
    3) Friso Gold ( new range )
    4 ) S26 ( heaty )

    Oso got other range like NAN, dumex ( low range ) and alot more...

    U can change as ur babies need to change stages of milk.

    Cos my 1st boi i gave Enfalac ( last time i still can afford cos not very exp and only 1 kid ) Den when he 3yr old i change to Dumex normal range

    My Gal taking mamil gold step 1 and 2. NOw she just started taking Enfagrow A+

    My coming newborn i intend give friso gold the new formula.. Seems better than mamil. As for enfalac is way to exp now
  3. flyclound

    flyclound New Member

    Hi, Thanks for your reply, but how can we know 'Goat milk is best?, is the fresh goat milk for baby?'
  4. lonerjas

    lonerjas Member

    cant rmb heard from where.. i tink cos goat milk duno how something inside de.. goat milk powder giant got sell watson and guardian got sell but is super exp
  5. pokemon97

    pokemon97 Member

    You can try buying small can first for your baby to try. For me i prefer Nan for infant milk powder.
  6. babysparkz

    babysparkz New Member

    i bot babygirl to pediatrician for her first month
    over at raffles tamp 1
    nan is good
    pediatrician reco...
    closer to breast milk..
  7. Triquetra

    Triquetra Active Member

    My bb keeps merlion'ing, think should change milk powder le.
    Am thinking of getting Friso 1, Nan HA or Nan Pro....
    I was also told that Nan formula is the closest to breastmilk but whats the difference between Nan HA and Pro.
    If HA is for protection against allergies, what sort?
    Any advice?
  8. lonerjas

    lonerjas Member

    if ur baby is sensitive use HA better lor.. If baby keep merlion mayb u wanna try anti-reflux de milk which enfalac have
  9. melodie

    melodie New Member

    gals, where to buy Nan HA? NTUC got sell? thinking of buying 1 can to standby, in case not enough BM
  10. sugarcookie

    sugarcookie Active Member

    You can get NAN HA at major supermarkets including NTUC.
  11. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    Hi Triquetra,
    NAN HA means NAN HypoAllergenic formula
    NAN Pro means NAN probiotic formula

    My son is drinking NAN HA as he is slightly lactose intolerant. He drank Similac before this but is allergic and burst out into rashes.
  12. redjn

    redjn Well-Known Member

    I was recommanded to FrisoGold during my time they were good till now I still feeding my boy with it but of cos' now on level FrisoGold 3.

    As for goat milk (Best Brand : Karihome) is confirmed the most expensive type but it is definately good for baby (if it is BB is suitable to it). u can search for this brand review to read before u decide ornot to give your bb.
  13. chocobazz

    chocobazz New Member

    is there any mummies currently feeding their babies Friso Gold 1 but experiencing baby having slight hard stools?? not sure isit the formula milk heaty or it's becoz my baby is not drinking enuf water as my mil keep say infants cant drink too much water..
  14. Porukadotzu

    Porukadotzu Active Member

    my girl hv been taking Frisso since 3 weeks, she's ok with it, no hard stools thou.

    ya it's true ur inlaw say tat infants can't drink too much plain water, here's i'm sharing with you wat i found at the website Disney Family.com - Answers to everyday family life including recipes, entertainment, parenting, coupons, travel & more about giving infants plain water:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Don't Give Your Baby Water to Drink

    by Valorie Delp | More from this Blogger
    24 May 2008 09:47 AM
    I have posted before in the forums that giving a baby water to drink is dangerous. (And just to be clear, we're talking about babies under 6 months.) It can cause malnutrition because instead of filling baby's tummy with breastmilk or formula, you're filling baby's tummy with water. Simply put, water doesn't meet the nutritional needs of a baby. Most parents know not to give water to a healthy infant, but failure to thrive syndrome and water intake are sometimes associated.

    However, I was unaware that giving a young baby too much water to drink can also cause water toxicity. A baby has naturally intact sucking reflexes. This means that they generally drink to thirst and more importantly, when they're thirsty they drink what they need.
    Babies' kidneys are still immature. When the kidneys get too much water, in addition to filtering out the excess water, the kidneys also flush out excess sodium. Excess sodium in the system affects the brain and consequently early warning signs of water toxicity are: irritability, drowsiness or other mental signs. In addition, a baby may also have seizures. This might be the first warning sign to parents that something is wrong. Other symptoms include swelling in the face, and lowered body temperature (around 97 degrees).
    But What About the Heat and Constipation?
    Again, babies don't need water. They need breastmilk or formula--period. They will get all the water they need (and the nutrients) from drinking breastmilk or formula. (This is by the way, another reason why experts say that feeding should be done on demand.) If you are feeding your baby on demand, even in really hot weather, he doesn't need water at all.
    Likewise, if a baby is 6 months or younger and he is constipated, you should see your pediatrician--not give the baby water. (You pediatrician may advise giving water under very specific circumstances.) Babies older than 6 months, may well need and ounce or so of water at a time for constipation.
    Also, parents should avoid diluting formula or giving drinks with electrolytes in them.
  15. chocobazz

    chocobazz New Member

    Thanks alot for the info!! but ytd my mum discovered a lil bit of blood in his stools thats y i'm wondering if there is a need to change his formula milk now..
  16. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    If there is blood in his stools, that's a cause for concern. Please check back with your PD. Blood in stools is not good.
  17. lonerjas

    lonerjas Member

    haiz.. i oso noe but my MIL insist they need water.. COs she bring up her 4 kids herself she tink she very clever. Give water say muz dfrink water, don drink water give gulcoline drink Zzz.. Thats y ya from 2nd birth onwards i look after my baby myself during confinement. I only let her help carry and cook sometimes..

    But i cant aviod she totally don give baby water.. As far as possible i will give BF..
  18. chocobazz

    chocobazz New Member

    My mil say that she read it from duno some newspaper thats y i'm more worried about how true her info is...

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