Which brand of diapers?


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so far i tried, Goon and Mamy Poko is the best.. Goon is good and worth especially if you are using size M and smaller.. but it's too expensive for size X-XXL already.. after M size, i switch to Mamy Poko already.. always wait for offer, thn i will buy 2-4 jumbo pack one shot..
go Gmarket - [GOO.N]Supreme Diapers $LOWEST Always$ /Fast delivery much cheaper..... abt $2 more ex than mamy poko but thinner than mamy poko and goon comfirm no diaper rash.
my boy din't take v well to pampers, being using pet pet, still ok la, price wise is affordable thats y im still sticking to it. I thk the main problem is that my boy moves alot, can turn 180 degrees in the night and still pee on his pants but the diaper is not that heavy...


So far i still tink tat mamy poko is the best.. but now a days i use pampers cruisers for the daytime and mamypoko for the night..