Which brand of pram/stroller is good?

Mummy to Baby V

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I like my Combi Miracle Turn, bought after friend recommended to me.
It's very light and easy to handle with one hand, suitable for petite mums going out shopping alone with baby.

I agree that letting family / friends know about your baby's wishlist is a good idea.
Anyway, stroller may be needed only after confinement when you start going out.
Then, for clingy babies like my boy, using a sarong sling is more appropriate during outings.


I'll ask my auntie to buy my daughter a pram for her birthday.. Thanks mummies! I'll let her know the models you recommend.. :)


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Hi Potato,

You can try calling Mac Claren main office directly for its Techno XT. My fren called them up directly and got quite a good deal for its 2008 model. Or else you can try Cheong Choon Baby Store at Chinatown (though the price quoted for the Techno XT is more ex than the Maclaren main office itself.)

Another way is to go to the forum (Singapore Parenthood for eg) and see if anyone is selling their 2nd pram at a good price. I just went to the forum and there are quite a few parents selling their prams - Maclaren & Combi especially.


Thanks nancy!
I went to kiddy palace, the mac claren there can cost around $500+?! I can't afford it.. The capella brand is more cheaper, perhaps i may get that.. I'll still try out the places and site you recommend, thanks! :)