Which computer courses is best child...?


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Pascal would be the correct language for the kids to learn as their 1st programming language ....

How old is your kid?


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I have seen one, but haven't had much chance to play with it (other than power it on). It seems very cool, and on picking it up and feeling it you can tell it is tought and designed to take a little bit of a beating from your typical child.
I would definitely recommend this for a five-year-old over a traditional laptop. Even if you don't care if they break it, a normal laptop will not survive a serious beating that a child of that age will likely give it. I'm no kid expert, but I think 5 is too young to really care to heart how to treat something fragile like a laptop. By 8 I would say they'd understand how to be careful and why, but still eventually break it.
Computer gaming and Microsoft office is best for your child.
It is very easy course. Every computer classes will also advice these course only kids.
I hope you get idea about the best course for your child.
its really nice if those are what the kids will first learn at using computers, as for the adults let us guide those kids on using high-tech gadgets.. make sure that they are going to learn good things on the computers. having a mind computer games for children would be the best games ever..


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I am a new to the website. so, give me the proper reply in the same topic and make the information proper.

Thanking you....
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What courses do you mean? The courses teaching kids to learn how to use computer? Or help kids study school works via computer? If it is the latter one, I recommend beestar, a cute website. dear daughter has been using it. Beestar offers weekly exercises on math and English Language Arts, and so on. They are mapped to school curriculum, full of all real life world problems, challenging stuff to help kids thinking. dear daughter loves it very much.


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Personally, I believe that kids should start off with the basics. MS Office is a little too advanced for them and they wouldn't be needing the programs until secondary school.

Try flash games that requires a lot of hand-eye coordination first. It will pay off later in life when they can type without ever looking at the keyboard. Like those educational interactive CD-ROMs my younger cousins used to have. :001_302:


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Playlab.me has some new programs which might interest you. We dont't teach software specifically. Rather, we let kids play with technology and apply it in creative ways. Have a look at our website to get a better idea.



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Ms-Powerpoint is the best option for children because it helps to create Fantastic Slide Presentations, Using Animation Effects, Dynamic Sound effects, USING Themes for your document by using color, fonts & graphics You can use to create great-looking, dynamic presentations in a fraction of the time, making Slide Shows


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Hi girls,

it is nice for the child to have an early headstart, but I think there are still interesting educational games that can be as useful as computer when it comes to developing skils and learning in a dinamic way. You can check this article, they have very interesting suggestions on what educational games we should play with our kids. And I like the idea that there is no computers involved :) You know the kids will have plenty of time playing with computers. You can find the article here: Educational fun, board games to master for kids, children and families If someone think that I am wrong, I am open for opinions. :)


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The course is depend on the age of child.
If he/she likes art and paintings or he/she is creative in designs then it must be a good designer and start up with the html/css
If he/she is good with logic then they can proceed with the programming courses etc which is having the wide scope in computer software.