Which piano to buy???


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Yamaha: CLP-480 Clavinova Digital Piano (Dark Rosewood)
Instrument: Digital Piano (DIGIPF)
Series: CLP
Catalogue #: CLP480R
Price: £3,583.00

The Yamaha CLP-480 Clavinova (Dark Rosewood) is the ultimate classic Clavinova with huge range of instrument voices, GP soundboard speaker system and a host of features. The Yamaha CLP series of Digital Pianos reaches a new level of realism, expression and design.


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Yamaha U1 PE(N)
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Purchased new in Oct 2011 in Yamaha Plaza Singapura
Made in Japan
Exam Model most commonly found in local music schools and ABRSM exam venues
Height 121cm
In excellent condition
Regularly tuned with internal heater on 24/7 since 1st day
Black in color
*Come along with bench seat

PM or email chianchian2005@gmail.com to arrange for viewing


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hmmm... yes, i've been seeing good reviews about Shelley Piano & Services and they have a new website with updated models for Yamaha & Kawai and some of those models are Silent ... (you know, uses a headphone so that only you can hear the music when you practice) ... :D ... Shelley Piano & Services - Home ... i heard that ... IF you buy a violin from Shelley Piano at full price you can swap it or something for a piano ... ? need to check this out more ...


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Hi there, forum-users
this musically-challenged mommy needs a little bit of advice w.r.t to choosing a 2nd hand exam piano (vesicular for young kI
What's your take on a YUS vs a U1?
Understand this was only manufactured in Japan & only for a really short while but sounds nt too bad.
Could piano's touch be a little too hard for a young kid.
Any issue with tuning, availability of parts for our local tuners?

Which wld u recommend - U10 (20yrs) vs YUS (32yrs)?
Only concern if it's difficult to tune or service since very few sets available or possibly rare in SG.


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Many tuners can tune most of the pianos, especially Yamaha so you dont have to worry. Yamaha U1 is good. I've read some people recommending Hailun but from my own experience, pls don't buy China Made Hailun HL125 or any other.


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Always get Yamaha! The resale price is always higher than those Cristofori ones. As for where to start music, always good to check out teachers who are music conservatory trained. My girls had a few teachers before, but they find our current one who graduated overseas for music always told them interesting stories about composers and funny things on stage. That kept them quite engaged for the past 2.5 years already!


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Will your child just start learning to play the piano? You know, you do not have to chase after super novelties and expensive tools. To begin with, it is worth understanding whether the child will like this idea at all, because children are unpredictable and love to change their interests very quickly. There are lotf of the best electric piano under 1000 and it offers a huge selection of reviews on a variety of models of digital piano. You can choose what you need. I believe that you can get by with something inexpensive and versatile.