Wierd questions & comments from strangers


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Hi mummies/daddies,
care to share what type of weird questions and comments you have received from strangers regarding your twins? Or even rude comments?

Brought my twin son to KKH the other day for an appointment. Pushed my twin stroller with his twin sister inside and the doctor didn't seem to think they were twins. They're not much difference in size either. After asking me some questions regarding my boy, she then said, "OH?! They're TWINS?!"

I thought it was really weird for her to have realized it like 5 minutes later.


Gosh, that's just stupid... who else would be carrying 2 babies, with the same age and size in a twin stroller, no other than a mother of twins! How could that doctor not notice?!? I mean anyone could probably tell they're twins. Just brush it off and don't let it bug you. Have a nice day.
Most weird questions I had encounter are "are they really twins?"..haha! even though it was really obvious that they are..haha!:001_302::err:


how to have a tiwns??

I really want to have a twins.. haha Is it some kind of luck or what?? So i am really curious if theres a possible way how to get a twin babies.. :D


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One wierd question we got when I was on the MRT with my sister along with her baby daughter many years back, she was about 1-2 yrs old then & wearing a skirt. An old auntie was sitting beside them & asked my sister, "Is the baby a boy?". Both my sister & me were very shocked. After the auntie alighted from the train, my sister could not hold her laughter anymore & told me "Can't she see (my niece) was wearing a skirt?"


I have a pair of identical twin boys. They look similar except one has dimples and a mole on his face. I still get question like "So they are really twins?". Normally I just smile.