Will our vagina go back to normal after giving birth?


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Many women have in mind the same embarrassing question: Will my vagina go back to normal after delivery?:err:
That is one of the most common concerns women have during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Of course, more important for the future mothers, I judge from my own point of view, is for us to have healthy babies. (This is my 1st- most important wish)

I think my husband will love me not matter how loose my vagina will be after delivery. I will be the one who gave birth to our biggest happiness, and it's not the size of the vagina that's the most important in our lives...
"Our bodies are created to stretch and are designed to birth. The tissues in the vagina and surrounding areas fill with blood, they stretch and they move. Then, surprisingly enough, they go back to their original shape." This I've read on the net and it's indeed the truth.

So, I would like to hear some real mothers opinions. How did you feel and recovered after delivery?


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I have been married for 15 years, our relationship is going fine but me and my husband aren't enjoying making love (don't want to call it "sex", this word means sexual relationship for just 1 time :D) as we did before.:nah: We both have searched on various methods how to improve our love life and we came across V-Firm Vaginal Tightening Cream. After 2 deliveries my "lady girl down there" became looser than it used to be. I'm embarrassed to share my own story but it's all natural. After giving birth women's vagina become indeed looser. And, of course, everybody understands why, I don't have to give here any long explanations.

This cream we found is very effective. I used it for a few times and my husband feels the difference himself. It is truly a satisfying product. V-Firm helps to better natural lubrication which is also important for women in their 40's.
So, we don't have to be embarassed and talk on this subject. Women feel depressed of this subject too. After delivery they have to take care of their newborn babies and have to reabilitate physically too. Some need urgently to lose extar kg, others need vaginal tightening. By the way, Kegels exercises do help. I tried those too and with V-Firm cream are a perfect combination. :red:
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