Will u allow MIL to cane your kids?


Scolding, light punishment is okay for me but NO WAY canning on my kids. When they do something wrong, we need to sit down with them and have a heart to heart talk with them, guide and teach them whats correct and whats wrong.


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My MIL wont. Cos she seldom see her grandson. haha. But I am living with my parents and yes, if my son gets too mischievious, my mum will cane him or beat his palm if I am not ard. Me too, will discipline him. Of cos we dont always use cane, mostly will beat his palm. Our method mostly is: punish + explain. I always believe that every child is different, and need different forms of disciplinary. BUT, no matter what types of method we use, always rmb to EXPLAIN AND EXPLAIN to your child why he get punished. Nowadays my son will say sorry to us and give us a hug after we explained to him. No point caning the child but end of the day he doesnt know why he get caned. =)


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Sigh... Caning had ceased (at least from what I see). However, every morning endless screams and shouts echoes thru my entire house. It's basically on every single thing that my kid does. The scream and shout origin from only 1 person. My MIL. I am really sick and tired by all these. Can't she just talk properly to my kid? If you don't like what you see, just don't interfere. Leave my poor kid alone.

Sorry about the rant. Just need to get it out.


I won't cane them unless they got out of hand after numerous warning. Even if I do, I'll just hit on their palm and I will explain to them why mummy don't allow that and tell them the consequences be it they understand or not.
Many ways to discipline instead of caning.


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If there's scream and shout ecvery now and then, very soon, your kids will learn the same. On the other hand also can't blame your mil....maybe that's the only way she knew. I watch the show "supermom" a yr or two back, active kids must stare them into the eye, wait for them to calm down before giving instructions, otherwise, they hear nothing and continue with their irritation or hyper. Find a method that works in front of your MIL adn ask her to adopt that but of course you need some strategy like telling her screaming will be bad for her heart blah blah :)