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    To All Mummy SG Members,

    Specialist in Aluminium Windows, Double Glazing Windows, New Top Roller Bi-fold Door, Tempered Glass, Wrought iron grilles and gates, in Singapore.

    We are one of the leading Wrought Iron, Aluminium Product Manufacturer, and Window Contractor in Singapore. We are also a licensed HDB contractor (12-4007D) to showcase some of our finest products. Our company makes and install like Windows, Wrought Iron & Aluminium Gates, Grilles, Fences, Railings, New Top Roller Bi-fold Door, Tempered Glass Shower Screen Toilet Door, and etc your one stop solutions.

    We were also getting alot of good feedback and good comments from customers that post us in the few top well know forum in singapore.

    We serve customers ranging from HDB to condos & private home sectors, commercial & industrial sectors and so on. We also accept various project requests.

    Please contact us at (65) 9003 6263 to make enquiries & appointments,
    or simply email to

    We hope you will make Home Aluminium Metal Works your number one choice.

    Our Mission is:

    To understand and fulfill customer’s need
    To strike for strong and reliable network in these industries.
    To provide good services and solutions to be trusted and reliable partner to our customers.
    To provide professional advice, care and support to our customers.
    To devote to customer’s orders, feedback information that are accessible to everyone.
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    Kitchen Tempered Glass Door
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    Our Company also do Solar Films

    Benefits of installing solar films on your windows :

    * Installation job by our professional installer.
    * You can reduce the amount of heat, light and glare entering the room from the glass panels.
    * Overall temperature is also lowered and brought to a minimal level, for you to derive pleasure and comfort working or resting indoors without reflection from the glass panels.
    * Prevent fading of furniture upholstery & paintings
    * Cuts off glare at percentage of your choice.
    * Cuts the cost of running air-conditioning and electricity bills.
    * Gives you total daytime privacy.
    * Enhances the aesthetic appeal of exterior of your home & office building and etc
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    Do you all provide pvc sliding window?
    I try asking a few companies but they only provide Aluminium Sliding Window.
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    Hi Huihui82,

    Had sent you an private email!

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    How much is your window?

    I just got my gate from Ho Ho Engineering @$319. Hope it is not too expensive compared to yours.
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    recent works at simei 8278007.jpg
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    How much you charge for the bifold toilet door?
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    you can try shamin's services or get quotes from other window contractors in singapore, just to compare..
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    Whether it is for window grill or Home Renovation, choosing the best contractor is always tricky. Selecting Contractor for Home Renovation has a list of basic factors involved in choosing an ideal contractor.
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    In Celebration of SG50 and Hari Raya Promotion!
    Protect your beloved little ones by installing Window Grilles at Home for their safety purposes.
    Call us at 90036263 for quotation and we did provide free quotation on site measurement
    So hurry up give us a call we will answer all your enquiry. Don't miss the chances!
    Our clients' satisfaction is our priority!
    Like us at facebook for projects updates!

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