Work opportunities for stay-home-mums

Discussion in 'Stay at Home or Work at Home Mum Club' started by bunniesmum, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. bunniesmum

    bunniesmum New Member

    Just want to share a workshop I attend a few days ago....
    It was about how stay-home-mums can earn income from home and yet be able to spend time with their children! Never been to such workshop and was a mind opening session for me!!

    It was quite interesting and worth considering. I am thinking about it...
    Wonder if anyone been to similar sessions?
  2. slheaen

    slheaen New Member


    Do you mind sharing what you learn?
    I've been invited to a number of them and i'm a bit skeptical.
    Do share your experience please!
  3. ylgoh

    ylgoh New Member

    Fkexible working hours, work from home.
    pm me if you are interested.
  4. rbooboo

    rbooboo New Member

    I've recently came across a food app called Dine Inn in which you can sell your homemade food. Wondering any mummies here love to cook? Looking for those who can cook to join so I can buy from them.. Hehehe.. Especially confinement meals! :)
  5. Lai123

    Lai123 New Member

    Hi, my company is looking for new shoppers for various mystery assignments. If you enjoy shopping, and want to earn as your shop pay as you dine, please leave a message here and I will send you a link.
  6. kywenyi

    kywenyi New Member

  7. ZH94

    ZH94 New Member

    Hi Lai123, can let me know more about this opportunity?
  8. gail

    gail New Member

    hi i am keen. please email me at

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