Working or Stay-home Mums with super energetic and problematic kids

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by consciousmum, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. consciousmum

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    :Dancing_wub::Dancing_tongue:Hello! I'm new to forums, mother of 3 young kids and like to chat with mummies who have high energetic, lack of focus, disrespectful and problematic kids?

    About me; I quit my job 4-5 years ago (after my 2nd kid) to dedicate to my kids, learning and education as I was overwhelmed with guilt for working and not spending enough time with my 1st born. Then, realized I was not doing myself justice as well as for my family's finances so negativity and other stress kicks in at times...along with the usual kids' problems...Looking back, I felt that I was happier and calmer at work than home as kids really test our patience though the happiness and bliss came in other forms, just teaching and watching my joyous and loving kids grow up

    Like to hear your sharings and how this chat/ group may help those who are in the similar shoes, for support, comfort and solutions!!!
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    Hi, I am mother of 2 young kids ;)
  3. vasu

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    hi ,
    i m looking for options for work from home jobs.something that does not include calling .pls let me knw options

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