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I'm worried like mad, had shark fin soup twice and didn't know that I shouldn't be having it.
I know it's a little too late to be crying over spilt milk, but I just keep worrying.

Is there anyone who ate shark fins too? Did everything turn out fine? :(


Hi, I'm at 37 weeks. I remembered eating sharkfins soup too. Still did blood test and ultrascan as per normal during the monthly check ups. My gynae didn't say anything ah... Don't worry.


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Hi Jouline, thank u for your reply.
Know that it's not a worrying thing if it's drank during those wedding banquets.
as its very diluted and not much of sharks fin.

but the one I had was from tung lok luncheon, which gave one big piece of it. :(
read online that it has alot of mercury and that it will affect the nervous system of developing babies.

did doc say that if anything wrong it will show in checkup s / scans?


It probably is very diluted. Don't worry, try not to take fish for a week or 2. Last time hubby bought some fish and I cooked it and ate it, both of us not knowing what kind of fish. Turned out to be shark. I was so scared too, being pregnant but did some reading that said to refrain from eating anymore for 2 weeks.


Important thing is eat everything in moderation and you'll be fine.

But must avoid all raw food like sushi/sashimi and raw/half-cooked eggs.


Don't worry. It's just a 1-time off thing. I think a lot of moms here will tell you they ate something they shouldn't have as well! ;)

I drank some tea in early pregnancy that specifically said, 'not for pregnant women'. It was when didn't know i was expecting yet.

Thankfully baby was okay. Had a good pregnancy. Baby girl now 9 months old :)

If you're still worried, maybe go get a detailed checkup at gynae's.

Good luck with your pregnancy! ;)


Yes, don't have to worry too much, just keep your intake of deep sea fish per week i heard.. but fish has good source of nutrients..

eating a balance diet of everything is best.. fully cooked of course.. :)