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Hi there,
I just found out that i am pregnant last Tues through a random pregnancy kit test at home as my mense was late for 2 weeks. I was so elated as my husband and I was trying for months. Then I decided to see a doctor at polyclinic to get referral to KKH which happens to be next Thurs. I was experiencing spotting with pinkish and brownish discharge then. But yesterday morning, I was shocked to see I was bleeding (huge amount of blood, like menses), I quickly went to see a gynae near my house, did an urine test to double cfm that Im pregnant, did an ultrasound (just saw the sac with nothing in it -- gynae said might be still too early), had a jab of Depo-Proluton and was prescribed Duphaston. Had a blood test done as well and required to go back for another blood test to compare my HCG level to see if everything is ok. Need to bed rest for 4 days. By evening, my bleeding stopped. Everything seems fine and I told myself to just relax and things will be fine. But this morning, I've passed a clot (or maybe a tissue?) Without any bleeding, then followed by spotting again. Am i experiencing miscarriage??


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Hi @Patakapiglet,

Dear same thing is happening with me. What was the situation later. Is it going on smooth now?

Since the doctor said its very early to say anything and have to wait for 2 weeks and the anxiety is torturing.


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Hi Guys,

Just to let you know.. It was just a false alarm for me.. and later found out it was only Implantation bleeding.. The fetal pole was visible at Week 7 Scan and everything got on track. :)


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Hi all, i need some advise here. I had missed my period for about 8 to 10days. Done pregnancy test twice and it turned out to be positive. My last menses was 7th october. However, yesterday ard 2pm theres blood stain which is like the size of 50cent coins. It stopped but ard 8pm, there was brownish stain on my pantiliner. Is this common? I havent go to polyclinic for check yet.


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I think it is common, but better have it checked with a gynae. I would recommend my gynae if you're interested
Dr Kelly Loi at Health & Fertility Centre for Women &
Mount Elizabeth Hospital Fertility Centre


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hoping the best for you. i also just found out im pregnant, but im having massive cramps no bleeding yet.
my gynae keep telling me scary things, but i went to KKH A&E last night, had my blood test & the doc told me no problem at all.
i think you should get it checked with KKH, get your bloodtest to see if everything is okay. you usually can get report in 2hours.
let us know if everything is okay!