Would you RENT or BUY Children's Winter Clothes?

Discussion in 'Travel & Leisure' started by sherlin, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. sherlin

    sherlin New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I am gathering some ideas here...

    As the holidays are near, air tickets are cheaper, many families are going on holidays to places cooler than Singapore, places with winter climate

    Would you choose to RENT winter coats, jackets, scarf, hat, muffles for ears, gloves or would you choose to BUY brand new ones

    How much would you pay for RENTAL of a Burberry Winter Coat (padded) for your child aged 3 - 5 yrs old? Is $15 / week reasonable (with a deposit of $50, refundable)

    Many replies are welcomed.

    Thanks mummies

  2. soapsoap

    soapsoap Member

    i will, if got rent for adult one i also will cos at home no place to keep
  3. littlehelper

    littlehelper Active Member

    yeah i think i would too cos firstly children outgrow clothes really quickly and secondly, we only need winter clothing for like that period that we are overseas as once in singapore you will NEVER wear it again until next trip.
    If we were to buy winter clothes, it would be really ex and wasted.
    Even for adults no point buying unless their work require them to travel to cold countries very often.
  4. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    i own winter clothes coz i ddink its quite ok to invest in one really good pc, and u can keep it for other trips next time.

    but for kids i think its very reasonable oredi, coz no point buying coz they outgrow them so fast!!
  5. sherlin

    sherlin New Member

    Thank you mummies for your answers.

    I will be renting out children's winter coats very soon

    Sizes are from 3T - 8T.

    Do let me know if you require any rentals

  6. Tamago

    Tamago New Member

    Hi, I know someone who is already doing rental of children winter wear.
    The blogpage is Kinder-Winterland
  7. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    I will try to borrow from frens who bought 1st. If really don't have, then I will buy.
  8. Mummy_J

    Mummy_J New Member

    I think this is a wonderful idea. Even better if you can find someone from the destination country to provide and collect the winter clothing at the start and end of the tour. Help save some luggage space for souvenirs.

    If you need a supplier of winter clothes, please let me know.
  9. xmaz3

    xmaz3 Alpha Male

    I recently bought some winter clothings from GAP online for my boy for the coming holiday as they were having some sale. Prices are not too bad.
  10. Sgcarrental

    Sgcarrental Member

    I think renting is a good idea because i have several winter clothes with i only wear for once. Not only does it takes up space in the closet but it is a waste of money.
  11. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    For children i tink rent will b more worth it coz they outgrown very fast plus they wont get to wear it often too n lastly winter clothes r nt cheap lor~
  12. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    Yesterday I was at 313. Saw Uni Qlo having sale and having some winter stuff for adults and kids which are not very expensive. $20+ for a fleece jacket.

    For adults, I agree that you can invest in a good one which you can use for multiple trips. For kids, maybe can borrow from friends?

    Sometimes I don't trust rental because I don't trust their level of cleanliness.

    Personally I've had quite a shocking experience with a toy rental company that's why I'm not so into rental of anything for kids now.

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