WTB: Enfamil Stage 1 400g


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Dear Mummys,

I have the following milk powder for sale as my son is proceeding to next stage soon.

1) 10 tins of enfapro, 400g, $19 per tin, $175 for all
2) 4 tins of enfamil, 400g, $20 per tin.
3) 2 tins of enfapro, 900g, $44 per tin
4) 4 tins of enfamil, 900g, $45 per tin
5) 1 tin of enfalac (stage 1), $46 each
All expiry in May 2014 /2015 onwards.

All singapore source. Can check the stock before you buy.

PM me if interested. Self collection at woodlands or jurong west. Thanks!