WTS 1 box of Dr Secret’s Q10 clear mask


Replenishes collagen to keep our skin supple and radiant.
- Nourishes the skin with natural moisturizing nutrients, thus, minimizing open pores.
- Revitalizes the skin through cell regeneration.
- Reduces melanin production and intensively lightens our skin tone.
- Retains youthful looking skin by reducing free radical damage to the skin.
The new and improved DR’s Secret Q10 Clear Mask is now reformulated with Coenzyme Q10, Nano Pure Gold Powder and γ -PGA. Made of 99.999% pure gold of the highest quality and enhanced with a moisture storage capacity of 4600-fold, DR’s Secret Q10 Clear Mask effectively strengthens skin elasticity while enhancing the moisture locking function to relieve dry and exhausted skin. DR’s Secret Q10 Clear Mask is based on transparent plant-sourced collagen, an excellent medium to hold and deliver precious active ingredients into the dermis layer of your skin. With an absorption rate as high as 98%, the innovative mask gradually "dissolves" and blends with your skin to allow maximum absorption of the active ingredients.

Letting go at SGD 50.
4 pieces in a box.
Interested party do pm me or text me at 92766676.
Collection at west side mrt.