WTS Daifonai Confinement Herbal Bath


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Daifonai Confinement Herbal bath for sale... $12 per packet of 10, self pick up at amk ave 2 or ezypac for $5. I will try to pack 20 into one ezypac. First 10 days 2 packet per day for showering, after that 1 packet per day so normally per confinement 40 packets. Feedback from other mothers is that it is really fragrant. Stocks coming on thursday next week . so will start pick up and shipping on friday. whilst stocks last! Please email me at jas.thm@gmail.com for orders or sms/what'sapp at 96862882. I will not be bringing any more as I just got spare for my confinement and other mummies since it is good.daifonai front.jpgdaifoni back.jpg expiry 08/2018