WTS Preloved Ikea HAMPEN rug - $25


Selling preloved IKEA HAMPEN bright green rug for $25. Dimensions 133cm x 195 cm. Original price from IKEA $59, now selling $25. Used only for a year with no stains, been kept in the store room until now. See pic attached. Self collect only. Interested parties to email kristine82wong@gmail.com. Price negotiable for fast clearing! IMG_20141231_1.jpg


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This was a long time ago, you've probably sold it. I like IKEA blankets a lot, I only wish they sell weighted blankets too.


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Meh… I don't like IKEA. Obviously, they have some good stuff there. But their bedding could be better. In my opinion, their product quality does not always correlate with the price. I cannot say that their bedding is cheap, but the price is too high for that quality. When I just moved out from my parents' house into my college dorm, we bought a few bedding sets from IKEA. I used to have a terrible allergy to bedding sheets, and nothing really helped. Besides, the pillows and blankets are also awful. They got ruined after 6 months. Recently, I bought a weighted blanket uk. The price is higher, but it is totally worth it.
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I agree with the fact that sometimes it is worth it to spend more money on something worthwhile. On the other hand, though, I really like IKEA and its stuff. It is both cheap and good quality at the same time. I remember I got my favorite carpet from there like 5 years ago. It is still my favorite through all these years! And in perfect state. Though, I must admit that I once almost ruined it by the fact that I've left a hot iron on it... Well, there was a medium-sized hole, which I did myself :( Gladly, my mom found some carpet restoration company that fixed the problem. It is still my favorite carpet with some invisible scars.