1. CynCyn

    CynCyn Active Member

    I was surfing another forum when I stumbled across a thread about yakult . Some mummies giving their BABY yakult . My goodness . Is it possible ? I tot baby can't take those sugar stuffs yet . Faints .
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  2. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    baby should not take yakult...too sweet!!

    but e probiotics is good for babies too...so u can either make ur own yogurt or buy plain yogurt n mix with bb's juice :)

    i make my own breastmilk yogurt :)
  3. aby

    aby Member

    Our family doctors say NONO to both Yakult and Ribena.. Induce cough and phelgm..

    We kept the above 2 out till they are abv 3.. Now also occasional too.. My son kept asking why his classmates have Yakult for snack time in school but why he cannot.. :nah:
  4. CynCyn

    CynCyn Active Member

    But not for babies right ? Babies up till 12months old . Goodness , I see tt some ppl give yakult to babies .
  5. BaBy_SwEeTi3bElL3

    BaBy_SwEeTi3bElL3 New Member

    hmm.. well, for me both my in-laws & me got give my daughters of 2yrs 7months drink yakult & ribena since quite young ba but not too sure when(forgotten liao).. so far, everything's still good *touchwood la* nothing happen at all lo.. my younger daughter of 1yr 1month got drink ribena lehz.. both of them still as healthy & seldom really sick de.. still as strong.. heex~ i tink it's depending more on individual & e immune system if they are able to take it anot bahz.. =) :wink:
  6. CynCyn

    CynCyn Active Member

    of cos 2 yrs old plus can drink liao la . Duh im toking abt babies here . :err:
  7. xiaodaisy

    xiaodaisy Active Member

    hmm.. for mi i do give dem once in a while wen dey babies.. actually after 4mths i nearly gave dem everything to try n of cos things tat dey can swallowed.. as for drinks wen dey able to suck thro straw i've been giving dem yakult ot ribena but nt too much loh once in awhile ba.. cos i tink yakult can help dem pang sai if dey few days never pang.. haha
  8. BaBy_SwEeTi3bElL3

    BaBy_SwEeTi3bElL3 New Member

    oOps!!~ well, what i actually mean is that i gOt give them drink Yakult & Ribena b4 they even turn 1year old when they are still a babies. i think was abt 6mths after when they can eat & drink anything onwards lo..i also give them once in awhile not always or that frequent of coz.. like what xiaodaisy has say once in awhile can help e digestive system. :wink:
  9. jedamum

    jedamum Member

    Cyn cyn, i am one of those 'goodness' mummies who gave my boy yakult.
    Some family docs discourage, some docs said can. It is up to individual to take their doc's advise as what is deem comfortable/acceptable to them. If you are not comfortable giving and have so much doubts, by all means DO NOT give it to your baby. Period.
  10. meds

    meds Member

    If the child can take it with no side effects then I guess it's ok, just make ribena more diluted or take yakult with less sugar. I have not given Ethan any as yet. But sometimes if the baby is not taking as much fluids as they should, worried parents may turn to yakult or ribena.

    Btw, cyn, how did you get the frames for your pics? From your handphone?
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  11. jopeck

    jopeck BMSG Moderator

    my sis in law, who works in bio nutrition (dunno the exact term), told us it was ok to give a little at the 6mth mark once solids have been introduced. Obviously, don't feed bb the whole bottle... but a little won't hurt and may help them get used to digesting solids.
  12. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    i tink wot ur SIL mean it is probiotics r ok, but honestly yakult is too sweet...

    a nutritionist/dietician will tell u not to give any artificially sweetened drinks to kids under 18mths....

    for me i support giving probiotics, but not necessary must give yakult...can give yogurt also....n u can buy plain yogurt, jus fresh fruit purees to flavor e yogurt naturally....
  13. jopeck

    jopeck BMSG Moderator

    no.. she meant Yakult/Vitagen... cos that's what the older kids were drinking too...

    my kids are all sugar addicts... so you may want to hold off the sweet drinks...
  14. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    if my lecturers hear abt this, they will surely flip!!
  15. Mum2Matty

    Mum2Matty Member

    I'll never give yakult or vitagen.. though it's advertised as good for digestion. I'll rather give probiotics in it's powdered form or buy plain yogurt.

    Seriously there are too much sugar in yakult / vitagen. Even my GP ask me (an adult) not to drink it.
  16. CynCyn

    CynCyn Active Member

    Precisely ! Same sentiments as well .
  17. michelle

    michelle Member

    Vitagen is better than yakult? becoz of lesser sugar?
    But i prefer the yakult maybe becoz sweeter...

    For ribbena, news got say hor.. but i dint see..
    Wat it really mention as i keep buying my kids but now lesser le

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