Yellow sticky mucus came out from breast !!

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group' started by sharonyi66, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. sharonyi66

    sharonyi66 Member

    I got breast infection and went to KKH to get antibiotic.

    Now that when I express milk from the affected breast, only managed to get 40ml of milk. I tried massage den use hand to express, yellowish sticky mucus came out instead!!!

    Any mummies experience it before??
  2. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    Milk supply can decrease from the affected breast during a bout of mastitis.

    Sory, I've never experienced the mucus part before.
  3. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    It's not mucus. It's pus. It's from the infection. If you are already taking antibiotics, you'll see an initial increase in this pus, then slowly it'll go away. The antibiotics actually 'force' your body to get rid of all the bacteria through the pus. It's good to continue pumping/hand expressing regularly to get rid of it. Once it's gone, your normal milk supply will be back. Drink more water and rest well too.

    This can happen if you did not empty your breasts well. Excess milk in your breast can lead to infection.
  4. sharonyi66

    sharonyi66 Member

    I just called up KKH and e nurse told me it's e Abcess discharge. I will need to continues the antibiotic and keep expressing e affected breast frequently and it will subside by e time I finish my antibiotic.

    Bur after recover, will the milk supply back? I forgot to ask the nurse about this..
  5. sharonyi66

    sharonyi66 Member

    Becoz I'm actually trying to stop bfeed and has been prolong the expressing hours. From every 3hrs to 6hrs to 8hrs den to 10hrs ended up I got milk block, infection..

    Ytd doc asked if I wan med to stop bfeed but I prefer to stop it naturally.

    Which is the correct way to stop naturally?...
  6. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    There's a herb that helps to stop breastmilk naturally but I forgot the name off-hand.

    What I did was to use less stimulation when pumping with my pump (long holds instead of short quick ones) and drag the pumping time by 1/2 hour. Then slowly drag the time until milk supply stopped. It's not an overnight thing. It took me a week to drag from pumping every 2-3 hours to pumping every 4-5 hours. Then after 1 month I pump once a day. Slowly there was no more milk to pump. I do empty my breasts once a day, the other pump sessions I only half-empty them to relieve engorgement.

    You can also try the cold cabbage method. Apparently it decreases milk supply quite drastically.
  7. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    Actually mastitis does cause a permanent decrease to a certain extent for me even though I am still bf.
  8. sharonyi66

    sharonyi66 Member

    So at e moment I express e affected breast and throw away right? Since midnight I saw e pus, I only give bb e unaffected breast.

    Will the pus 'dry' itself? Coz even if I hand express, very little of pus come out only. I'm afraid it will get worst if I dun squeeze it out..
  9. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    Sorry, no experience here but did you check with the nurse or doc?
  10. STmummy

    STmummy Member

    Hi, I had blocked duct before, took antibiotics but didnt have the pus though.

    I am now weaning my 1 year old son off breastfeeding too. Was advised by PD to wean him off slowly, so that both our bodies and our babies can adjust to the change.

    He is now on 3 feeds per day, so I started with FM for 1 feed, and 2 feeds of BM. (Did not pump anymore, direct latch on.) 1 week later, substitute another feed with FM, and another week do the same. No pain on the breasts and baby is adjusting well to the change too.

    All the best!

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